Therapeutic Hormon Yoga

Attention Women over 40

(or younger and who have a terrible time with PMS)

  • Do you often have emotional downs that leave you drained and exhausted
  • Is your body hurting in places that is new to you
  • Do you have hog flushes, insomnia or feel really cranky most of the time

It may well be that your body is in pre-menopause or that the Hormones are running havoc. From the age of 40 the women’s body is not producing anymore the same amount of hormones. Which makes the woman feel low, tired, cranky, with no libido and other not so nice ways to feel like pain and aches in the body etc. 🙁

Do you recognise yourself in any of this?


If yes, it’s time to start doing something about it. You can have chemical Hormones to pick up your system, but these can cause cancer! There are also bio-identical creams out there, that sometimes help and sometimes don’t.

Wouldn’t you like to have a natural way to get your body to produce these hormones, that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg?

Well, here’s the way! Therapeutic Hormone Yoga does just that. It stimulates three major places in your body that create these Feel-Good Hormones.

It’s a series of Hatha Yoga exercises that are combined with particular breathing and directing the energy flow in your body. This is a dynamic Yoga that is at the same time a workout for your body as much as also deeply nourishing and balancing for your body-mind system.

J’ai beaucoup aimé ton cours de yoga hormonal thérapeutique, je donne la note de 5 sur 5, car c’était bien expliqué, clair et facile à comprendre. Un peu plus difficile pour les mettre en pratique, mais avec l expérience la routine s’installe et la souplesse……


If you want to

 feel balanced and in harmony with your emotions
 sleep well at night
 feel your body alive and sexy

this is the right method for you!

You will learn these exercises in a specific order in a couple of days or in a 10 weeks course.

For dates and locations call-me at (514-296-7877) ou write to me at [email protected]