My husband and I went for a massage with Sujati. I am a Shiatsu Therapist and a Yoga Teacher and very familiar with alternative therapies. We have gone to massage therapists for many years ad Sujati tops most of them. I have had a neck problem since a whiplash 35 years ago. I really felt that Sujati tries to go deeper than most practitioners. She seeks for the source and treats the whole person. My husband also felt so much better after his injury and we were able to drive home to Ontario without a stop or any discomfort. Thanks Sujati for being there. We will certainly use your services upon returning to Quebec.

Agnes Gordon, Ontario

I spent 36 hours in the hospital lately and I got more benefit from one hour of massage with Sujati.

Anton Cic, Val-David

You made a really big impact on me….there was something about our interaction which went beyond just the physical healing of my back. I somehow rediscovered some of the joy that I had lost since my father passed. And, an amazing side-effect, my back is feeling much, much better. It’s not hurting or bothering me.

Sree S., Ottawa, ON

Sujati's touch is very special, respectful and safe. I recommend her anytime.

Laurent S.

I love your massages! You have magical hands. I feel reborn after each of your massages!

V.K., Ste-Adèle

A deep and healing experience into the body/mind, beautifully and sweetly guided by Sujati and her magic hands.

Lisa McLellan


Body-Mind Therapy

Sujati held the space I needed to find the wisdom and treasure inside myself that I have been searching for years and years.  Her gentle compassion and confidence in me helped me discover the wisdom in my pain, learn to trust myself and helped me to be able to receive the abundant love within me.

Dawa, California

I somehow rediscovered some of the joy that I had lost since my father passed. I felt renewed and ready to enter the world and participate in life again. I’m still sad and grieving obviously, but that profound darkness has lifted and I see hope and positivity.

Sree S., Ottawa, ON

Sujati's touch is very special, respectful and safe. I recommend her anytime. I also experienced and studied Hakomi with her and again she is attentive and creative in her way to make you feel safe and willing to open your heart to her.

Laurent Sirois

I feel so wonderful from the work that you shared with me… a lightness and a peaceful feeling that is still with me… Thank you for so generously giving of your gifts! I do believe you helped me clear something that has been with me a long, long time.…

Helen M., Oregon

Working with Sujati in just one session she skilfully helped me with my painful toe. Sujati helped me to look what was underneath the pain in the toe, see some of the deeper issues and release them. And my toe did get better immediately and gradually the pain, two weeks later now, is gone.

Laura Cornell, PhD, Divine Feminine Yogini and Yoga Teacher Mentor

I recommend Sujati to every person in the process of inner work.  Her guidance has been greatly appreciated and beneficial throughout the steps. Thanks for relighting my inner flame!


I really appreciate the way Sujati works with the body in her sessions; I gradually gained a new awareness of where my emotions were residing in me and how I could access more information about myself from my body.

M.R., Life coach, Ste-Adèle.

I have enormous gratitude to Sujati for the work we did together; it was profound and very healing. I first came to see her at a time when I was under great stress in a number of areas of my life, and quite honestly I am not sure how I would have managed to get through those few months without her loving support.

M.R., Ste-Adèle

“Le Pouvoir du Toucher” Forfait Printemps 2021

Forfait de printemps “Le pouvoir du toucher” Êtes-vous plus irritable, fatigué et moins capable de vous concentrer ces derniers temps...

Forfait Automne 2020: Immunité +++

Forfait Immunité +++ En cette période où le Coronavirus est un grand problème de santé, je veux vous offrir un...

“Séance de Démarrage Corps-Esprit”

Dans cette première séance vous allez découvrir la racine de votre problème. Vous allez aussi commencer à ressentir un bienêtre que vous attendiez depuis longtemps!

Forfait: “Plongez au Cœur de l’Action!” Coaching

Law of Attraction Coaching clarifie où vous êtes et où vous voulez être. Dès que nous avons trouvé votre direction, Sujati vous enseigne les processus, les techniques et les méditations que vous utilisez pour agir et avancer vers votre objectif.  Pour que vous puissiez enfin réaliser vos rêves. 

Forfait FE.LI.C.E

FELICE signifie heureux en italien et c’est une abréviation pour: FEmmes LIbérées Créatrices (Ensemble) Éveillées Ce forfait s'adresse aux femmes qui ont vécu l'abus sexuel et sentent qu'elles veulent se libérer des empreintes négatives qui restent dans leur corps et esprit.

Forfait “Renaître et Raviver”

Ce forfait Printemps vous aiderà à mieux faire la transition de l'hiver au printemps, à augmenter votre énérgie et avoir plus de joie et vitalité ce printemps!

Forfait “Adieu Douleur”

Vous voulez vraiment vous débarrasser de votre "problème", changer la situation douloureuse, vous sentir mieux et vous savez qu'une séance ne sera probablement pas suffisante... c'est pour cette raison que je vous offre un forfait de 3 séances.

Forfait “Transformation Corps-Esprit”

Forfait de guérison et de soutien en profondeur sur 7 à 14 semaines. Dans ce forfait, je vous accompagne afin de créer une transformation durable dans votre vie. Vous allez apprendre des outils et intégrer des façons de vivre saines et joyeuses qui vont revitaliser votre corps et remonter considérablement votre moral.