February Resource: Benefit from Loss to gain inner Peace (Tapping Sequence)

When a loved one dies and also at the end of one’s life, there is often regret: “Wouldn’t it have been great, if …”, « I shouldn’t have…”, « Why didn’t I…?”

All these sentences are attached to a wistful energy. Because, now, it’s too late. This person is not here any more. But it’s not too late for you! You can still feel at peace in you with what is.

This Tapping squence is actually helpful in many circumstances. It is fantastic (I know this is a strong word, but because it can have such a transforming impact) when you’re losing a loved one, when you split up with somebody, when somebody dies, when you have regrets of any kind with, about someone (especially somebody you love). Maybe even when you lose your job. Or when you don’t see old friends anymore.

Try it out on any form of regret and let me know how it went here

Before starting the Tapping squence please check into your body while feeling the regret. Where does it resonate?  Where can you feel it? How do you feel it? Write down what you notice and give it a number from 1 to 10. 10 being a very strong physical feeling and 1 means to feel a very slight physical sensation while tuning into the regret feeling. Then give a number to the strength of the regret. 10 being fully regretting it and 1 being very little regret. Write that down, too.

Now let’s start tapping

(If you’ve never done tapping you may want to see my introductory tapping video first click here for it)


We tap 3 times on the Karate Chop Point:

Even though I feel so much regret, I love and except myself as I am

Even though I regret so many things, I love and except myself as I am

Even though I feel so much regret, I love and except myself as I am


And then going through the points on the body:

Top of the head: I wanted to do this with her (or him)

Inside eyebrow point: I didn’t tell her enough how important she was for me.

Side of the eye: I should have showed her my love more.

Under the eye: I should have called her more often.
Between nose and mouth: I should’ve been there more for her.

Between mouth and chin: I could’ve helped her more.

Under inside collarbone: I should’ve listened more to her.

Between armpit and last rip: I could’ve been more loving, more caring.

Top of the head: I could’ve shown her my love in many different ways.

Inside eyebrow point: I could have been more grateful

Side of the eye: I could have showed her my gratitude more.

Under the eye: She raised me the best way she could.

Between nose and mouth: I could have be more present with her.

Between mouth and chin: I should’ve visited her more often.

Under inside collarbone: …And anything else that comes to your mind.


Just do the Tapping with all the regrets that you have – going through the points as long as you have a regretful feeling.

Then at the end of the Tapping, check in again.

Has the physical feeling changed? Has it become stronger or weaker? How about the emotional charge? Is it more, is it less? Just notice, whatever it is that is present right now; and if it is stronger either in your body or with your emotions, just keep tapping.

When it doesn’t get better …

If you feel that you were getting overwhelmed, please get help from me.
Moreover, often it’s not possible or not feasible to go into strong feelings by yourself (when in such an emotion, there is often the little one inside in control, and for this one, the emotion is too much, it can’t deal with it).

Evidently, this is just a beginning.
There are many layers of emotions when a loved one leaves her or his body.

To work the more in-depth feelings or different layers, contact me for assistance: sujati@sujati.com or call me: phone 514-296-7877