Pivoting is a way of returning to well-being.

You may have noticed that sometimes one gets stuck in something negative, making everything worse.

Let me demonstrate that with a story:

Julia wakes up and gets out of bed. She can’t find her slippers, and she’s annoyed. So when Julia comes into the bathroom with a wet spot on the floor, she doesn’t notice it and falls. Her ankle is sprained, and she limps to work. She misses her public transport and comes late for work! And obviously, I could go on and on with this day going from bad to worse.

Now let’s look at that from a pivoting idea or mindset: 

Julia wakes up and can’t find her slippers. She notices she gets annoyed and decides to pivot what happens inside herself. So instead of her slippers, she puts on socks. Her feet are even warmer than usual, so she relaxes and sees that the floor in the bathroom is wet. That’s why she takes a towel and dries off the surface before taking her shower.

Or, she doesn’t notice the puddle on the bathroom floor, but because she’s not annoyed, she is slower and just steps in it and doesn’t fall. 

Here again, there is a pivoting possibility.

She can be annoyed and frustrated that now her socks are wet and have more annoying and frustrating stuff happen to her, or she can just notice that the socks are wet, hang them up to dry and take her shower.

Every moment something happens that doesn’t fit into our plans, that we have an emotion we don’t like, something that makes us feel bad, we have a choice in how we keep going.

We can either stay in this energy, which usually engenders more of it. “Like attracts Like” that’s the Law of Attraction. Or, we consciously practice pivoting to something that feels better!

A bit of Effort for Great Results

In the beginning, that may take a real effort; But I can tell you, it becomes easier and easier until it’s a habit and your mind is so well trained that it immediately looks for another way, a mode that makes you feel good.

And then you have so much more of “what feels good” in your life! 

And this becomes joy, gratitude, contentment, and happiness. 

Which automatically engenders better health because the immune system is more robust and you have better relations.

So give it a try, and let me know how that worked for you!