Boost Immunity Now: The Three Thumps

So, what can you do to strengthen your immune system for feeling better right now?

Because whatever we hear in the news is not necessarily good for our immune system, it often generates fear and stress in us. And this wreaks havoc on our immune system. We can’t escape it – it seems the numbers are rising. OMG!

And then we feel stressed and stress changes our body chemistry. We become weaker and our immune system is less capable to defend our body.


Here’s my October resource for strengthening your whole life energy

It’s pretty simple – it’s an energy technique from Donna Eden which is called “The Three Thumps”.

It’ll only take  about 30 seconds to do! And, it’s easy to do at any time.

And why does it work? Here’s the explanation:

The first point we tap on or which we rub is the last one on the kidney meridian.

It’s situated just underneath the collarbone the closest to the middle, often in a little hollow.

Meridians, by the way, are energy circuits in our bodies. A bit like electricity circuits.

The First Thump

So, let’s come back to the first point and what it does. It sends out a signal to your brain to adjust your energies to be more alert and you will be able to perform more effectively. This point can energize you when you’re feeling drowsy and you want to be more concentrated.

The Second Thump

The second point on which we are going to tap or which we rub (depending on your preferences) is in the middle of your chest, where the heart chakra is. The thymus gland is just underneath the rib cage there.

To stimulate this point is good to defend against negative energies, colds or infections or if your immune system is otherwise challenged.

The Third Thump

The third point is boosting the spleen energy and it is underneath your breasts. The spleen meridian is a quick way to lift your energy, to balance your blood sugar levels, and to strengthen your immune system.

While you tap or rub the points, breathe in deeply through your nose and breathe out through your mouth.

For each point take two or three deep breaths.

Have a look at this short video to see how doing the 3 Thumps looks like.