Nourishing Resilience – Grounding Meditation

Take a moment for you, for fun, for joy, for feeling great!
I suggest a kind of an awareness exercise to you, you may call it a

Grounding meditation

…and it’s especially nice in summer!

It will ground you, feel connected to the Universe, to the earth, to everything. It will unburden you and make you feel the support that is always there. You’ll come out of it re-energized.

Go out in nature – it may be your garden, a parc, or just a little square of lawn somewhere you can allow yourself to either walk barefoot or lie down… you can take a cotton towel or bamboo mattress if you’re not wanting to be directly on the grass… natural materiel between you and the ground is important. So, even slippers (plastic) is not good…

Lying Down for the Grounding Meditation

You can lie on your back or on your front… and you can also change sides. Take a few deep breathes in and slowly out. Feel your body relax. Allow your tensions to flow into the ground. Travel into your body and notice what is there. Is there some holding? Some pain, some weird sensations… allow it to flow into the earth.

What does your body want? Does it need to stretch, to just let go, to unwind? Whatever it is you feel from your body, let it happen… maybe roll around?

Once you’re totally relaxed, feel how this earth is communicating to you. It is supporting you, it is carrying you. You don’t need to do anything to stay on the earth, no effort needed. It always keeps you, nourishes you with all that you need. Food, water, gravity, oxygen, love, light, communion…

Rest in this feeling of support of melting, of becoming one with the earth. Enjoy, relax, breath, let go, feel all this wonderful « having your back » support (especially when you’re lying on your back).

I recommend you do this for at least 5, better 20 minutes to be charged totally, grounded and re-energized!


Standing up or walking barefoot

Find yourself a place where you have earth, grass, sand or some natural surface. Take off your shoes.

Now, stand or walk on this surface of the earth. Feel the contact with your feet. Notice how it is… cold, hot, smooth, rough…? Find a way to enjoy it… and become aware, that you don’t need to do anything to be connected to this surface.

The earth is holding, supporting you through gravity. You can just allow yourself to let go, to relax and feel the communication between your feet, your whole body and the earth.

Recognize that you are nourished by the earth constantly. All that you need is provided. Food, drink, light, love, support… it’s always there! You just need to allow it, to become aware of all this! This is the moment… FOR YOU.

Do this as long as you like, just reveling in this wonderful feeling of support and connectedness. At the minimum 5 minutes, but much better at around 20 minutes to feel totally resourced, grounded and energized.


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