Spring package 2021: The Power of Touch

« The Power of Touch » Massage Package

Have you been more irritable, tired and less able to concentrate lately?
Maybe your sleep is elusive or hard to find?
It could well be the fault of the measures we had to endure the last year due to the Coronavirus…

Because it’s so essential for our well-being to be touched physically (as proven by many research projects and studies done on humans and monkeys), I have decided to consecrate my offer this spring to touch only. 

Just the right touch for you. The one that melts all the tensions, the one that makes you feel cared for and safe. Everybody is different. That’s why I love sensing into my hands and listening to what you tell me you need. And make sure that you will feel completely relaxed and refreshed after your sessions with me.

Sheila Anderson from Ste- Agathe des Monts, QC says about  her massage:
« Love Sujati! She is very grounded in her massage practice, while also being magical. A rare combination (…) I have (…) sometimes very severe pain. And the best way I have found to remove the pain is massage from Sujati. Is it deep tissue? Is it reflexology? No, it’s Sujati Massage. What is that? It’s massage that best suits me when I am lying down on the massage table. Awesome. »

Obviously, with the Coronavirus still being around, I clean, change and make sure that it is safe for you to get your massage in my studio. See the Covid safety measures I’m practicing here

And this is what I’m proposing to you in the « The Power of Touch » Package

Three massages of ninety minutes, in which we will take the time to find out what you need and do the massage adapted to your particular needs.

Studio Sujati

You will also receive an information guide about simple to-do exercises, practical advice and meditation techniques to relax even more.

Find back your happy place even if you can’t be touched or touch your friends and family!

If you paid for these massages and the information guide, it would cost you 400$, but if you book and reserve your sessions until May 1st you will pay only 347 $!

The package is to be done in 3 to 5 weeks for optimal relaxation!

Call Sujati to reserve your Package: (514) 296-7877, or write her: sujati@sujati.com

Some more comments about Sujati’s touch:

« My husband and I went for a massage with Sujati. I am a Shiatsu Therapist and a Yoga Teacher and very familiar with alternative therapies. We have gone to massage therapists for many years and Sujati tops most of them. »
Agnes Gordon

« Amazing massage! Thanks so much Sujati – perfect touch, tone and vibe: what a wonderful experience! »
Anne-Marie Reynaud

I really needed to see a massage therapist for my aching knee. Sujati was a godsend for me! I felt great while we had the massage and began feeling so much better after our session. I highly recommend Sujati to anyone who needs it. Thank you. » Maria Laskar, laskar@2k2prodfuctions.com

« Sujati has magic hands »
V.K., Ste-Adèle


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