The immune system booster package

The body-mind system is challenged in this time of change from summer to winter. Lots of people get sick. With the two years of masks and little contact, our immune system is not anymore so used to working as it should… so, let’s see:

What boosts your immune system?

  • Joy and happiness, 
  • overall well-being, 
  • letting go of negative beliefs and stories and 
  • replacing them with positive ones, 
  • allowing toxins to leave your body and mind.

And that’s what we will do in 3 sessions of 75 minutes together with this Fall Package:

You will have three sessions:

  1. First, a holistic massage for your allover well-being, enjoyment, and happiness. Fifteen minutes of immune system boosting exercises and 60 minutes of massage. (115 $ plus taxes)
  2. Second, you will get lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins and strengthen your immune system. This type of work is very relaxing; my clients generally love it. 75 minutes (115 $ plus taxes)
  3. Last but not least, you will have a body-mind session/coaching about what you need to be happier, more joyful, and at ease in your life. Or you can also have a Jin Shin Do Acupressure Session in which we will work with the big intestine and the lung Meridian. Because both meridians help you let go of old sh.. and open you up to life and all the beautiful things that life can bring. 75 minutes. (135 $ plus taxes)  

Instead of 365 $ plus taxes = 419,66 $ you will pay only 397 $ if you take advantage of this special offer that makes you save 22,66 $ on the usual price.