The Spirit of Christmas Meditation

Christmas is just a few days away. Since this is a time where almost everybody gets together with family and/or friends I share this meditation with you that helps you get into the perfect space for having a loving and light filled Christmas.
Here’s the Spirit of Christmas Meditation for you in 5 stages

First Stage of the “Spirit of Christmas” Meditation:

10 minutes of Silent Sitting

This is to become aware of what is there for you. For 5 minutes just sit down somewhere silently. Take the time to just be there and relax. Notice what is present in you. Maybe your mind is going a hundred miles an hour, your body is tense or hurting in some place, you are emotional about something that’s disturbing you … or maybe you just feel great taking this time for you… everything is just perfect as it is.

Whatever is there, don’t judge it just notice it.

10 minutes of Gibberish

Now that you know what is present in you, allow it to come through you by talking in a language you don’t know… just allow it…speak in a foreign tongue you don’t know and express all that’s inside you. Just go along with whatever wants to be talked about, but not by speaking in your language, just with sounds, syllables that don’t mean anything to you, but express perfectly whatever is there.

10 minutes Opening to Love

Having thrown out all that is inside, there is now an open, empty space that is perfect to feel your heart. Not your physical heart, your heart space, where you can perceive love. Now, for the next 10 minutes, open your heart to love. Allow the Universe to fill you up with all the love that is possible.

If you have difficulties perceiving your heart space, just think of a moment in your life where you felt love. Maybe for your child, your dog, your mother or whatever or whoever it is. Take note where you feel that in your body. Then, allow this feeling to get stronger and stronger.

10 minutes Giving Love

After having been filled with love, it’s now your turn to share that! Because there is such an overflow, it’s easy to impart the love you have in your heart to others. You can think of someone you want to send this love to. Or you can just imagine emanating love all around you, like a sunshine. Not caring where it goes, just radiate it to whatever or whoever it touches. Feel like a love-bomb 😉

10 minutes Silent Sitting

This is the time to just savor the space. Nothing to do, nothing to correct, nothing to better, nothing to reject. Just BE.

Obviously you can do this meditation as a short tuning, too… in a 1 min or 2 minutes version of everything!


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