Live meditation groups this summer (Monday and Saturday)

Finally, we can meet in person, live, in groups again, without constraints.
Looking at our faces, seeing smiling faces, not needing any vaccination proof!

It’s a great pleasure for me to invite you again to my studio for biweekly live meditation groups:
I will propose three Monday mornings and two Saturdays for meditation immersion events.

What does a live meditation event look like?

On Saturdays, we will get together at nine o’clock for three and a half hours. First, we will have a short introduction to meditation, then do 2 one hour meditations and one 30 minutes meditation with small breaks. The two 60-minute meditations will be from the world of Osho, and the 30-minute meditation will be of Buddhist origin. Either a silent sitting, Vipassana or loving-kindness meditation.

The Monday meditation day event will start at 9 o’clock and finish at 3:30 pm.
We will have time for quiet and active meditations, inside and outside, if the weather allows.
For the meditation day, please bring your lunch so we can be in silence the whole day from 9:30 to 3 o’clock and eat together.

The dates for these meditation events are:

Saturday from 9 am to 12:30 pm: July 2nd, Saturday, July 31st and Saturday, August 27th.
Mondays from 9 am to 3:30 pm: July 18th and August 15th.

For whom are these Meditation mornings or day events?

Everybody who wants to feel peace inside is welcome!
You don’t need to have any experience in meditation nor be flexible sitting down for an extended time in uncomfortable positions.

These events are for anybody who had a lot of stress!
With the two years of the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the prices going up etc., who doesn’t have any stress accumulated?

It’s a great time to find a space inside where there’s peace, relaxation, joy and love! So give yourself the time and stop the hamster in your mind or drop it; just let it be. It’s such a relief just to be. Not needing to do anything, show anything, become anything, have anything, change anything. Whatever is, is welcome, welcomed, and then let go.
Nothing to reject and nothing to keep. It’s leaving you with nothing and everything.

You will be more in contact with yourself, refreshed, relaxed, and peaceful.

What to bring to the live meditation event

Please dress comfortably and in layers since it could be cool or warm. Bring walking shoes if we’re going outside for walking meditation or for doing a meditation in the garden. Everything needed is there, but if you want to have your favourite meditation cushion, bench or something else, please bring it with you.

Investment in your peace

Monday day event: 77$, Saturday Morning Event 47$ plus taxes.
Space is limited, so please decide and book fast – 4 persons maximum.

To reserve your space, please do an email transfer via your bank account to Sujati Goernitz, [email protected], with the clarification on what day you want to participate.

Question: For what?
Password: Meditation
Note: *DATE you want to participate*

In case you can’t come, I have this cancellation policy:

A missed event without notice must be paid for 100%.
Cancellation with 48 hours’ notice is appreciated and without charge.
Cancellations with less than 48 hours’ notice will be charged at 75% of the total amount.

For more questions please contact me

I still offer my monthly meditations and interactive Playshops on Zoom for all the others who live too far away to come for an event.

The next ones are this coming Wednesday, June 15th, at noon – meditation for peace and then
at 1 pm: experiential Webinar “Steady as a Rock in a Stormy Sea”

READ MORE ABOUT the Peace Meditation and the interactive webinar on ZOOM