A little mindfulness meditation as a summer resource: LISTENING

Take a few minutes just for yourself. Choose a place where you feel comfortable, where you are not disturbed for the next few minutes and where you are at ease and feel well.
Now notice which sense in your body is the most nourishing, easy, pleasant sense for you.
Is it sight, is it hearing, is it the sensing of your skin, is it taste, is it smell?
So choose your favourite sense.

Let’s say it is hearing:


Close your eyes and go with your attention totally into your ears become your ears. And listen!
And while you are listening, just listen. If judgements about what you’re hearing are coming up, let them go, they will pass away as clouds do. Judgements, negative and positive, form in your mind, and then they dissolve again. If you don’t buy into them, if you don’t follow them, they will disappear by themselves. So just allow yourself to listen deeply become listening.

If you want to, listen to this guided meditation with the sense of hearing.

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