Christmas Meditation with Delcious Food

What food means Christmas for you? 

Today’s post is about food. Even just the fact that behind the small doors of the advent calendar were chocolates! Christmas is often related to having, eating, giving, and receiving delicious food, exceptional food you only eat at this time of the year.

Like here in Québec, the “tourtière” with ketchup, and in Germany, where I grew up, it was a Christmas goose. 

And for sure distinctive sweets and cookies. There are various cookies and candies in different places, usually with Christmas spices like Ginger, nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon. 

What food makes you feel like Christmas? Let me know! 

And here is a short food meditation – to allow you to enjoy even more the delicious food you will eat and also eat it more consciously, probably even less of it because it becomes so much more nourishing when you are really present to it.

Delicious Food Meditation 

This meditation will help you eat with more fun, enjoyment and satisfaction, especially the food you feel guilty about, and eat very probable less of it, since you’re more satisfied by it!


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