A little taste of Chakra Sounds meditation

Start by standing (which I prefer, because the body can move with the energies starting to flow), sitting or lying with your spine straight, while being comfortable and at ease.

Close your eyes and open your mouth so the sound can come out fully. Put your hands on your pubic bone and take a deep breath. While breathing out allow a low sound to come emerge which ressonates in the pelvic region under your hands. This first Chakra is about survival, about grounding, about basics.

Then move your hands up to just underneath your navel. The 2nd Chakra is having to do with sensuality and is the center of our life energy, our vitality. Breathe in fully and feel this area, then while breathing out through your open mouth let the sound come that fits with this area, it’s a bit higher sound then the first chakra.

Place your hands now on your solar plexus, between breastbone and navel, this is the 3rd chakra. Here it’s about Power. Sense into it, breathe into it and then breathing out permit a sound that’s higher then the one before to vibrate in this area. To fill it out.

Lay your hands now on the middle of the chest on the 4th Chakra, the Heart Chakra. It’s about love, giving and receiving. While breathing out through your open mouth, let a soft sound leave your mouth that fits with the energy you feel in this place.

Again moving your hands up, now to your throat, breathe deeply and feel into your 5th Chakra. This one is about Creativity, Self-Expression, saying your truth. Sense into it while breathing deeply and breathing out, allow the sound that makes this area feel alive to come out of your mouth.

Now you put your hands on the 6th Chakra, also called the 3rd eye, because it’s in between your eybrows, on your forehead, and it’s like an eye, seeing clearly what the other eyes can’t always notice… breathe in, feel it, breathe out, make an even higher sound that goes with this area, that makes it vibrate.

Last, but not least, place your hands on your head and feel the energy of the 7th Chakra, the connection to the Universe, to Existence, to the Divine, to God. Breathe in, allow whatever is there to be there, breathe out and make a high sound that makes this place feel great!

Now that you’ve gone through all the Chakras you slowly make like a musical ladder, ressonating from the 7th to the 1st Chakra with sounds that go from high to low.

As I said, that’s just a little taste! In the complete version you will do this with music 3 times and then lie down for a while. You can read more about it here