A meditation exercice for deepening relationships

This meditation is coming to us from a Tantra Course with Psalm Isadora. I want to share it with you because it’s simple, but can help you to go deeper in your relationship with someone you love or even with yourself!

You can do this with your lover, with a friend, with someone you would like to open your heart, or even with yourself.

To do this meditation, sit or stand in face of your partner for this exercice. If you’re by yourself, get a mirror to look into.

Then place your right hand on the heart chakra, in the middle of you chest, of you partner, (on the mirror where you’re heart chakra if you do it by yourself), look into the eyes of your partner (or your own eyes in the mirror) and tune your breathing together. With your left hand, cover your partner’s hand on your chest. Allow fo a deep, long breathing together.

Once you come into harmony with the breathing (you can also do it alternate, one breathes in when the other one breathes out), start feeling love coming out of your right hand when you breath out and when you breath in receive the love from the other.

Do this as long as it feels good, at least 5 minutes. Allow whatever comes up to be there, welcome it all.

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