FELICE means happy in Italian and is an abbreviation for: FEmmes LIbérées Créatrices (Ensemble)Éveillées (Awakened), Women that are free, creaters and awakend

Because I myself was sexually abused as a child, I understand all the different negative aspects that these events can cause in life.

In recent years, the issue of sexual abuse has been increasingly present in the media and in people's consciousness. Here in Quebec, there have been several cases of abuse by coaches, mentors, politicians, etc...

Even if there is more awareness that abuse and incest exist – in fact abuse and sexual assault are very common (an estimated 1 in 3 women) and sometimes have devastating consequences that can even lead to suicide – there are still many things that need to be looked at and healed.

For whom is this?

This package is for you if you are having difficulty in your relationships; if you feel shame and guilt about sex. If meeting men threatens you; if you realize something is wrong with your life and suspect it may be related to abuse, this package can help!


You want to feel good, beautiful and alive in your body? Would you like to show yourself in all your power and magnificence? Or at least know that you are okay, in fact, more than okay, that you have the right to be at ease on this planet, in this society, with your partner?

How is it done?

I will guide, assist and support you in this process, through awareness, exercises, community, teaching you tools that you will be able to use every day and in more difficult moments to surpass what you thought possible for you

That, which you will be living,
what you're getting into

Over 10 to 30 weeks in this package you will...

Turning your insecurity and fear into security and trust

Turning your shame and guilt into pride and self-esteem

Turning your apathy and helplessness into right action

Take a journey from your grief and mourning to the opening of the heart

Moving from anger to assertiveness and power

(Re)Finding Pleasure in Your Body

Becoming SOLID as a Tree

Create a new movie starring the happy little girl...

Moving from anger to assertiveness and power

Completing the process by closing the loop

In these 10 sessions we will work with beliefs, emotions and the body to enable a holistic transformation in all aspects of your life!

Sexual abuse pervades our entire lives.

We notice it in the body, certain regions of our body are tense, tight or hyper-sensitive. A difficulty to have a nourishing, pleasurable sexuality. A difficulty to feel one’s sensuality, one’s femininity.  A constant stress in the muscles (produced by the child’s sensation of wanting to save herself).  All of this creates fatigue, self-destructive diseases, etc.

We see the repercussions of abuse in our intimate relationships, but also in our relationships in general: the lack of trust towards women (if the mother knew what was happening and did not denounce the abuse), the fear of men (if the abuse was committed by a man), etc.

This even spreads to working relationships. Not having power, being abused financially, not being able to set physical limits, or time limits. Not being able to say no…

Often our image of ourselves is not “up to date”, it is as if it is frozen in time. The little girl leads our lives, not the grown woman.

We’re going to expose the wrong, negative beliefs and transform them. This will increase our self-esteem and promote pleasure by generating more ease, comfort and joy in our lives!

2016-04-13 - Sujati Masso - 002 -_

Who is Sujati and why does she want to assist you?


Sujati, of German origin, has been working for 30 years with more than 1000 people to help them feel good about their bodies, minds and emotions.

You can change your physical or emotional suffering, which stems from past experiences and negative beliefs, into joy, health and vitality with the support of Sujati. Thanks to her vast experience with different therapies, methods and techniques, Sujati has developed a unique and personal approach adapted to your problems.


Her approach is nourished by different techniques that she has learned, studied and practiced such as:

Holistic Massage, Tibetan Pulsing Healing, Psychic Massage, Reiki, Jin Shin Do Acupressure, Lymphatic Drainage, Sound Massage, Hakomi method of assisted self-discovery in mindfulness, state of caring presence, meditation, Tapping (EFT), Law of Attraction Coaching and others…

Sujati will teach you to feel and listen to the needs of your body and mind.

Her experience

Sujati has experienced incest herself and knows how it influences all aspects of our lives as women.
“I have been blessed with a lot of support, extraordinary therapists and exceptional teachers to help me move forward on my healing journey. Now it is time to share what I have learned to benefit those who are in a similar situation… and in doing so, raise the vibration and consciousness of all humanity. I wish to bring kindness into our lives on the planet for joyful energy and free of self-generated constraints! »

On top of that you will receive:

5 videos of Tapping to be able to deepen at home what we’ve started working on

3 audio recordings of the exercises to support your process and facilitate our work together,

Documentation and a follow-up workbook to record your process and mark questions, difficulties you encounter in bringing them to the sessions.

Support by Sujati between sessions, in the form of emails or phone calls.

The community!
A closed Facebook group where you can exchange with other women who have experienced sexual abuse, ask questions to others, meet like-minded people.

And, if offered, the opportunity to participate in a workshop or course offered by Sujati.

"I hesitated to face the sexual abuse because I was afraid of what might come up. Finally, fear or no fear, I said to myself, "I have to solve this problem, because it is blocking me in my life." And I'm surprised at what I discovered. The Felice Package makes me progress positively, it liberates me and it's not at all what I had initially thought it was going to be! »

Linda Labrosse, Val-Morin

Make up your mind now
to transform your life!

Imagine your life without the history of abuse. What kind of person would you b

I see you: you shine in your work, you have harmonious and satisfying relationships, you love yourself as you are, you have a fulfilled love life!

All this is possible...

If you’re not sure if this package is for you, ask Sujati for a free 45-minute Discovery Session to make sure this process meets your expectations and we’re in sync.

There you go… 🙂 I invite you to contact me by phone (514) 296 7877 (Canada) or write to me: [email protected]
And if you want more information about me, follow me on Facebook…

I would so love to release the extraordinary woman inside you!

Call Sujati: 514 296 7877

Write her: [email protected]!

in your happiness

  • 1497 if paid at the first session
  • 2 times $755, payable at the first and 6th session
  • 10 times $160, payable bi-weekly

It is possible to pay by cash, check or credit card (Square) or PayPal

Frequently Asked Questions

For administrative reasons, because it’s more work for me, it also takes often more time after the session.

If you are on this site and have read the text so far, there is a strong possibility that you need it, even if you don’t know if you were sexually abused as a child.
This package is designed to support you on the path to freedom from the negative consequences and destructive impact of abuse.
If you have certain issues, even if you do not consciously know if any abuse has taken place in your life, this package can still help you become more aware and resolve these issues as we move through the different modules.

Have you ever focused on all aspects of abuse? Probably not, and if so, for how long and with what support? This package invites you to go in-depth emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. In addition, you have an expert guide who accompanies you personally with her superbly equipped toolbox!

Avez-vous déjà mis le focus sur tous les aspects de l’abus? Probablement que non, et si oui, pour combien de temps et avec quel soutien? Ce forfait vous invite à aller en profondeur sur l’émotionnel, le physique, le mental et le spirituel. En plus vous avez une experte-guide qui vous accompagne personnellement avec son coffre à outils super fourni!

This package is designed to solve both emotional and physical difficulties. You will almost immediately see a difference in the emotional charge when you do the first 4 modules. The body will also be more relaxed and you will also notice that some physical and emotional ailments disappear.

There’s no way there can be no results! If you intend to transform this theme for your well-being and follow what Sujati offers you – always in a safe space and in harmony with what you are experiencing – there will always be changes for the better!

Depending on how you are in life, we will space the sessions from 1 per week to 1 per 3 weeks. More widely spaced is not appropriate, in my experience, because it disrupts the follow-up.

Abuse impacts every facet of your life so much that not to leave any under the rug, sometimes you have to dig deeper. It’s important to have enough time to talk to each of them! By having time in between sessions to check how it is now in your life, you can bring back difficult areas to the next session and it will be taken care of!

This process is built thematically, in depth, to look at all the different areas of your life that are affected by sexual abuse. In therapy, with a psychologist or therapist, often the abuse is worked through in what is apparent, what is not working at the moment. The areas that seem to be right are often not addressed.
The body, in fact, is almost never included in “regular” therapy, but obviously it plays a big role.
In the “Felice” process, we will address together all the facets of your life and all the places in you where abuse has played a role… This is not immediately obvious, but it is essential because when you look at it this way it is surprising and liberating! We put a laser on the abuse and everything it has caused.

Now it's up to you!

Do you want to feel at ease in your body?

Do you want to feel the pleasure of nourishing, exciting, satisfying relationships?

Do you want to know a solid and happy space inside you that is unchanging?

If you do, do everything in your power to begin this process! Because it will change your life!

I look forward to meeting you, assisting you with all my heart, guiding you and celebrating the beautiful woman you are!


Explore, discover your divine nature

call me to make your first appointment or for a discovery session.