What to do with my FEAR?!

I don’t know about you, but I have had so many fears in my life, it’s an emotion I’m very familiar with. It didn’t hinder me doing whatever I did (moving from country to country, learning many languages and customs…trying out new things…). And still, it’s really no fun to have fear!

So I put together the ways I deal with fear, to give you a tool-kit!

Here are 5 ways to go over the fear:

  1. Observe, be a witness.
    That is the meditators way! It’s a way to distance yourself and look at it from the outside. It will work if you have some practice with meditation, but it’s tough when you’re completely identified and taken over by your fear.
  2. Who is having the fear?
    To look at the part inside of yourself that has the fear – is it a small child and feels helpless? You can take it by the hand as the adult you’re now! Show it the way! Tell it, that it’s okay, because you’re there and you’ve got much more options and ressources then this little child (inside of you)! You can help your little one.
  3. When the fear is overwhelming you then you can do tapping. This is such a great way to calm down the system. Here’s an introduction
  4. An exercice that comes from Dinah Rodriguez Hormone Yoga is here (fear exercices).
  5. And last, but not least: Feel, sense that you’re part of this world, this life, that you can’t be separated of it. The universe always supports you… the you’ve hit the mother lode.