Intimacy Booster

To allow a space of intimacy it takes an open and available heart… and often we’ve got a heavy, sometime even broken heart that is pretty much closed to business! It feels almost like survival! BUT it isn’t!

However it’s possible that some tears come up once you connect with your heart again…though it’s totally worth it! Afterwards you are so much more open to love! That’s what my resourcing moment is about:

Take 1 to 3 minutes of your time and place your hands on your heart (I speak of the heart chakra in the middle of the chest, not the biological heart that’s slightly to the left). Breathe deeply and allow whatever is in your heart to be there. Even if it feels uncomfortable! There maybe old hurts coming up. Or maybe you don’t feel much. That’s mostly when you have close shop! So stay with the deep breathing and allow it to soften up the wall around your heart. There’s no judgement about whatever comes up!

Then start opening up your arms in a half circle outwards while breathing out and imagine sharing your love with the Universe. When you breathe in, bring your hands back to your heart receiving love from the Univers. Do that giving and receiving as long as you like…

I’m looking forward to hear your “Ahas” from this simple exercise! Please share it with me on FaceBook!

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