Grieving for Healing the Heart

It’s November and the darkest time of the year is still ahead. It’s the month of the dead with “All Saints”. In the Chinese medicine the lung meridian is the most active. The lungs are connected with sadness and grieving.

It’s strange, I usually don’t read much on the net, but an article about “Grieving could offer a pathway out of a destructive economic system” caught my eye. I’m not an economist, but what I got out of this article was the point of how important grieving is for healing!

With the attacks in France, death and fear, sadness for the people who have lost someone, are closer then ever to us. Reading or seeing things that happen in Africa or in Saudi-Arabia seem unreal because they are so far from our reality.

Are you touched by any of this? Are you allowing yourself to feel whatever it is that’s disturbing? Probably not, it seems just too much… But – that will cut off your capacity for empathy and self-love, because you’re numbing yourself.

But how to not get overwhelmed by all of that? Allowing yourself to feel the pain, grieve about the cruelty, the meanness, the sadness of loss, will open your heart and start a new energy cycle inside of yourself. If it’s too much for you can ask a friend to be with you and grieve together or get help from a professional (like me for example)!

And here’s how I suggest to do this grieving, so that it becomes a life-affirming and positive thing!

Grieving for Healing the Heart

Take time for you in a safe place, where you’re comfortable and where you are not going to be disturbed by anything or anybody. If you want to, you can put on some soft, beautiful music.

Place a hand on your heart and think of someone or something that you love. Feel how the love fills out your heart and allow it to spread into your whole body for a couple of minutes.

Now think of, see, imagine something, someone who is suffering and by who’s pain you are touched. Give yourself the permission to feel the sorrow, the pain, let yourself soften. We all have lived through difficult, sad moments! Have compassion for the part in you that is suffering, for the other and also for yourself!

If tears or sobbing come up, welcome them while keeping your hand on the heart! Do this as long as there is suffering, pain, grieving to be done…

Then, when you’ve calmed down, come back to the feeling of love for someone or something. Allow your heart to fill itself completely and know that your heart is, even when you’re feeling pain, always undivided and whole! Stay with this for a while to complete this healing process for your heart!