Get rid of the “negative judge” inside!

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All of us know him/her. This voice that is telling us all kind of negative stuff about ourselves! And there’s something I want to share with you about it…

The foundation on which Marisa Peer, the English therapist who’s online course I took, is, that almost all of our difficulties stem from the same belief: that we are not enough.

For example: “my parents divorced, because I wasn’t a good child”, “I don’t earn as much money as I want, because I’m not intelligent enough”, “people don’t like me, because I’m not interesting enough”, and so on!

Ask yourself right here and now what is the problem you’re having? I’m sure that you can identify a part of you that’s judging you in that and telling you that you’re not enough of something! That’s why I choose to give you this as a resource: READ ON HERE

Do you have this voice inside that’s telling you that “anyway, you’re not okay” “it’s too difficult for you” “you’re not good at this, just let it be”, that’s stopping you from realising your dreams, feeling good inside and with other people? You’re not alone with that. Most of the people I meet know this voice. What’s important though, is to know, that YOU ARE NOT THIS VOICE (or the “negative judge inside” as I call it).

From that point on (when you are not completely identified with it), you have a choice to respond to it instead of just reacting automatically to it in the same depressing way… here are 2 ways to do that:

  1. I’m sharing with you now a “magic” thing to do when the inner judge comes up, which I learnt from Ron Kurtz (who is the founder of the Hakomi method and someone who loved to joke): Turn to the voice and deny it by sticking out your tongue and making a sound of disbelief… it’s fun! And it makes the whole thing much less serious!
  2. The second thing that you can do with the judge is indirect and comes from Marisa Peer: Nourish your “ENOUGHNESS”, by repeating to yourself as much as possible: “I AM ENOUGH!” You can write it on your mirrors to be reminded, get it on your phone as the opening screen, write it on notes to yourself! And feel it! I am enough. Nobody can argue that, because, just “being” is being enough!