Fear Exercise

This exercise is called: From Back to Back (from Dinah Rodriguez)

It lifts your emotional state and gets rid of insecurity due to fear.
It works the shoulder region and activates the hypophyse.

Initial position: sit with your back straight. The arms are stretched out to the side horizontally. Bend your fingers without touching your palm and keep your thumbs straight out.

main peur-hand fear

Make a rotation of your arms while pushing your thumbs up and backwards. Then bring them back to the front, then down and to the back while keeping your fingers bend in. At the end of each mouvement the thumbs should ideally point to the back.

Synchronize the mouvement with Bastrika breathing (strong and fast in and out breath through the nose, pushing your belly in while breathing out). Breathe in while making the mouvement up and back, breathe out while moving down and back.