Transform your negative thoughts into positive ones!

Did you notice that once you’re thinking negatively about something, it happens and attracts even more bad into your life?

I’ve got a personal example:
I was on my way towards Montreal on the beginning of the school-year and was afraid of being stuck in traffic…which evidently happened and on top of it I took the wrong exit on the highway…

To not being stuck anymore in this negative thinking mode which creates even more trouble in your life I propose the following protocol inspired from the Law of Attraction:

  1. Notice that you are thinking negatively
  2. Stop it become present in the here and now and forgive yourself for it
  3. Turn your attention to what you do want! Start noticing the “good” things around you and allow the Universe to bring the best to you

So. Lets get back to my example:

  1. I’m stuck in traffic, which I was afraid of – which was my projection.
  2. I notice that and stop thinking about coming late. I forgive myself for having fallen into this negative pattern (once again).
  3. I turn my attention to what I want: I want to be on time, I want the traffic to go smoothly and arrive in good humor for my appointment. I want that it’s a good meeting.
  4. I see the beauty of the rising sun, the leaves turning orange and red on the trees, I appreciate having a car that brings me to my appointment…I arrive late, but so does the other person and we have a great meeting

Try it out and let me know on my page FaceBook how it went for you!