Saying Yes To LIFE

I know it sounds a bit kitsch, but… there’s a really profound message in this!

And I would love to guide you in discovering it now:

Make yourself comfortable and take a few deep breaths. Feel into your body and let go of tensions you notice… Observe everything that’s present for you at this precise moment. Become a witness to that which is there, even if it’s uncomfortable!

Then, when you feel ready and quite relaxed, let, in you mind – or if you want to – out loud, come the words: ” Yes, it’s ok whatever is happpening, whatever I feel ” and notice what it does in you body, with your mood, with your emotions and you mind to allow this YES inside.

It’s possible that there are negative reactions to this sentences. If that’s the case, don’t judge the reaction. Just observe it and stay with: ” even that is ok. I can say YES to the resistance to saying yes.”

Notice what’s happening when you are in a YES mode!

And give me feed-back on FaceBook! What has this simple exercise brought up for you?

P.S.: If you feel too much resistance to YES, I prepared a Tapping Sequence that you can follow here on video to get out of the resistance and open up to yes. Click here to see it.