Changing your perspective for your genuine well-being :)

Changing your perspective for your genuine well-being 🙂

Take a situation that makes you feel less then good!

Maybe not something that is totally crappy for a start. Just something that you would like to feel better about.

Now write it down. I’ll give you some examples:

Example with physical pain: My shoulder hurts – it makes me feel crappy – I get irritated that it hurts – I am irritated with others – I treat others badly

Example with emotion: This person I have to deal with is such a pain in the ..s! I wish I wouldn’t have to deal with him or her! I am treating her or him with disdain and maybe even arrogance, which makes me feel higher and superior!

Now, let’s change the perspective for you genuine well-being!

Changing perspective with physical pain:

My shoulder hurts – I sense into my shoulder – I may feel the pain more or it may release because I give it attention – OK, there is this part of my body that wants my attention – I am willing to find out more about it with this guided meditation or I can just once in a while take time to listen to it – and meanwhile I take care to not strain it – I am empathic with my body –  I am more balanced – I treat others with the same empathy.

Changing perspective with emotional pain:

This person is annoying – maybe she’s going through a rough part –  her husband left her – his wife is sick –  the children were up all night –  didn’t get any sleep –  everybody can have a bad day… Something inside me is softening towards the annoying person and I can be more open to him or her – which obviously helps our relationship! It changes the energy, the atmosphere.

What about you?

What is your situation that you would love to shift?
Do it now! Write it down and get a new perspective!

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