Change your bad habit – exercise

If you’ve got a bad habit, something that you do that is harmful to you or others, and you would like to let it go and replace it by a good habit, this exercise is surprisingly simple, fast to do, and efficient!

Identify what it is you would like to change. Then describe the way you would like it to be as if it was already the cas. It’s not true right now, but it’s something you hope and wish for.

For example: “I am calm under pressure.”

Then reformulate this affirmation in a negative way with words like don’t, never, not, none, etc.
In the example it would be: “I’m no longer stressed under pressure”

Another example could be: “I’m eating for my health and fitness” and the negative way would be: “I no longer eat complusively and because of anxiety”

Then, as indicated on the picture, tap with a light, rebonding tap form the temple to the back of the head, around your ear on the left side the negative wording 5 times and on the right side the positive worTemporal Tap -Donna Edending 5 times.

Repeat several times a day, the more often, the deeper the impact on your nervous system!

If you’re having difficulties with finding the right phrases and wordings, book a 20 minutes complementary session by phone with me to let me help you! 514 296 7877, [email protected]