5 Essential Questions to find YOUR HAPPINESS

Do you have new year’s resolutions for 2018?

  • If yes, do you think you’re gonna carry them out? You don’t really believe you will do them? That’s probably because these intentions are not in alignement with what it is really inside of you, what guides you, what’s the most fun for you! “FUN??? What’s that got to do with my resolutions?” you may ask me. But it’s actually quite simple: If you need to force yourself to do something that is not fun for you, sooner or later you’re gonna stop doing it! And then, whatever you planned on is not going to happen :((
  • If you don’t have any resolutions for 2018, you probably do want some things to happen in your life? If you had only a year to live, what would you think important to have done? What would have been worth living?

To become clearer about what it is you want to accomplish and do it, Sujati’s RESOURCING MOMENTS for the month of January are “5 essential questions to help you find YOUR Happiness” (not the one that others tell you would be yours 😉

5 Essential Questions for YOUR Happiness

I propose these questions so that you find YOUR Answers:

  1. If you had only one year to live (and that’s not such a ridiculous question; we really don’t have any idea about how long we’ve got on this planet in this body!), what would you like to be proud of?
  2. What is it you’re most proud of up to now in your life.
  3. What thing or action has given you the most pleasure, satisfaction in you life?
  4. What emtion, what state of being do you want to live in your day to day life? What brings about this emotion or state of being?
  5. What would you like to pass on as a heritage to your kids, to the world, to the Universe?

I’m gonna give you an example (of a possible answer):

  1. Being enlightend
  2. Having suceeded to be lighter, with less worry and more happy.
  3. Having found work where I can help other and love that work!
  4. Consciousness, presence, Being, Peace, Ease, Joy, Abundance.
    Medtation, coming back to the present moment, focus on what,s beautiful, good, what I did well, what I love, celebrate my succes, relax when I get tense…
  5. That there is soemthing more then just surviving, founding a family, accumulate goods and money, have sex, eat well… even though all of the above can be really fun! So, basically, to connect with the divine.

Now, from YOUR answers, you can ask yourself:

  1. What does it take for you to live my answers? How much are you ready to do what it takes to live them?
  2. How can you do more of that (what you’re proud of)?
  3. How can you integrate these things and actions in your day to day life?
  4. How can you feel more of these emotions, live more in this state of being?
  5. What does it take to realize my answer, one step at a time?

From my example:

  1. Give myself the time to meditate, read, listen to inspiring things; be in contact with people that are awakend or on the way to…
  2. In evey moment notice if I’m happy and light and if not, do what it takes to change that!
  3. The satisfaction to help, where I’m open to divin input, to bring this into my day to day life with the people outside my work, to be in this space all the time…
  4. To allow more and more time to be in this state, in these emotions and when I’m not to use the methodes and tools I have to come back to it.
  5. All of the above answers!

NOW it is YOUR turn. Take your time. It’s worth it!

And from your answers…LIVE THEM! Your able to!

If ever you’re having difficulties with the answers or you don’t know how to live your answers, I offer, as a gift to you, a 30 minutes free phone conversation (if you live outside of Canada we dan do it by Skype), to become clearer about the questions and see how you can realize what is important to you!
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