Covid Rules – For your and my security in Studio Sujati

My studio has been open now since the beginning of June and I had the privilege to massage, coach and help my clients to feel great in their bodies, with their emotions and get clarity and direction. To let you know what measures I’m taking to not spread the virus…...

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Nothing is against you -you are infinitely loved!

Doesn’t it sometimes seems like everything goes wrong? There’s some kind of spell on you… Looking at the world these days it’s easy to find “wrongs”. And, if there is a slight shift inside… everything is fine. We are infinitely loved and supported… “But how so?” You may say… Isn’t...

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1. Terms and Conditions Sujati, Finally Feeling Better, operates the website (hereinafter the “Site”), which provides access to information on Studio Sujati, located in the Laurentians (Quebec, Canada), as well as to the services, courses, workshops and resourcing that are offered there. The website is owned by Sujati...

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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how collects, uses and manages the personal information of visitors to the site. The site cares about the protection of your personal information and is committed to maintaining your privacy when you visit and interact with this site. The information recorded by the

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Coronavirus: How to feel calm and peace in an uncertain world

In all of the published health recommandations about the virus, one thing caught my eye : Stress is the worst thing for our immune-system. So, let's de-stress! I give you 3 resources to to exactly that. Through Breathing, Walking Meditation, Tapping and on top of that you can have a virtual community that supports you!

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