“Body and Soul Transformation Program”

In-Depth Support and Healing Package

In this package I’ll accompany you on a journey that will create a lasting transformation in your life. You will learn tools and incorporate healthy, joyous ways to make you feel alive in your body and uplift your spirit.
The “Body and Soul Transformation Program” will look at what’s not working for you, uproot the cause of it and plant a new seed: which we will consistently water and nourish during this process. This makes you thrive in the new life you’re creating for yourself and feel strong and beautiful.
The Program contains much more then one-on-one sessions: it’s a process, in which you will learn, practice and discover, also by your own at home, with the material Sujati provides for you. You’ll have audios, videos and texts to lean on and incorporate what we’ve started in the sessions into your day-to-day life.
It’s one thing to see new ways, it’s totally another to make them automatic, to have them playing out in your daily life without effort. That’s why it’s so important to have continuous meetings and practices. Because making new ways easy, you have to do them over and over again. Otherwise you’ll fall back into the old patterns that have created the “problem” in the first place and keep you unhappy and miserable…(you wouldn’t want this package if you weren’t 🙂
The “Body and Soul Transformation Package” is built to help you step-by-step getting clearer, introducing and installing new automatisms that you will practice on a daily basis. In this way you will create a wonderful foundation for a healthier and happier life, which make you more autonomous – less dependent on therapists and friends.
When we work together in sessions there are going to be breakthroughs and insights that need to get solidified. I give you all the tools to do that and help you if you’ve got questions in between our meetings. This is a package not just go get high, but to stay up there! It’s for you if you are looking for long-lasting effects and not just a momentary pick-me-up.

Contact me for more informations and to find out if this package is appropriate for you!


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