Autumn Package 2020: Immunity +++

At this time, with the Coronavirus being a big health concern, I offer you a Fall Package that strengthens your immune system from the inside (with my help! 😉

You will receive 3 sessions of 90 minutes in which we will come from different angles to help your immune system to be really strong.

Also, you will get information how to do and we will practice together different energy exercises that help reinvigorate the bodies energies and with it the immune system.

The 3 different sessions are:

  1. Lymphatic Drainage stimulates your immune system by removing toxins from your body. This makes you more resilient and stronger against common viruses and diseases.
  2. The Jin Shin Do Acupressure has an extra-ordinary channel, the Wei-Mo, which combines several meridians and whose main task is to keep our immune system strong and up to date.
  3. The Holistic Massage allows you to release the tension and stress that has accumulated in your body! Thanks to this release, energies flow more freely, a feeling of security and well-being is established, which favors your immune system!
    Tapping (EFT) , which will help you relieve the stress or anxiety that overwhelms you in your daily life. Once you let go of it, you are much more able to enjoy yourself! And joy is the best way to have a good immune system.

These sessions can be taken in any order, but the whole duration for the package is 3 to 4 weks to make it more effective.

And that’s not all! You also get bonuses!

  • Practice and documentation of exercises that strengthen the vital energy and immune system
  • Access to all the live meditations that take place on Tuesday evenings in Val-David.
    3 to come: Nadabrahma, Chakra Sounds and Gourishankar
  • Access to the Fall Audio Meditation
  • Access to the video of Tapping against Fear

This package has a value of 400 $, but you pay only 375 $.

A message I received from a client who tapped on a video I had offered in my newsletter :

“Thank you for this beautiful video and especially for the tapping exercise I did.
with you … It brings peace.”
N. T.

What a client has experienced after a massage:

“I have used Sujati’s massage therapy services … and I am extremely satisfied. She really listened to my needs and my body. I felt a big difference after her services: my posture improved and I had a chronic knee problem. My body has rebalanced and realigned itself in the right way. Thank you Sujati! »

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