Why meditate?

  • Stressed out?
  • Your mind driving you crazy?
  • High bloodpressure?
  • No way to calm down and feal peaceful?

Studies have shown that a regular meditation practice can lower high blood pressure, calms the nerves, distresses, makes your immune system stronger and much more, so yes it’s good for your physical and emotional wellbeing!

But the most important reason for me is the effect it has on the overall wellbeing of the meditator. Meditation strengthens your focus, makes you feel more at peace with yourself and others, diminishes stressful situations, harmonizes emotional up and downs and with certain meditation practices furthers your self-love and empathy for all the other living beings.

And that’s not all! The ultimate goal is “awakening”, “enlightenment”, a state of “self-realization”. Being a witness, an observer, and mindfulness are the way to it. Which are qualities, once acquired, will also help you a lot in daily life!

There are a lots of different meditation techniques, because there are lots of different people! That’s why there are all kind of techniques to fit with where and who you are! Maybe you need to move more then sit silently, you may be more visual and enjoying imagination, or maybe silence is attractive for you? Some people are more kinaesthetic, in contact with their physical senses; others want to open their heart…

It’s important that you find the meditation technique that suites you!

I frequently animate meditation groups or days.
Please let me know if you want to participate, I’ll add you to my list so that you’ll be informed about any meditation events coming up!
If ever they are not happening at this moment you can still learn with me in person!
If you live near Val-David in the Laurentians, Quebec, Canada, then come to see me, otherwise we can do a meditation consultation by Skype or phone (depending where you live in the world :))

What is meditation?

There are many different meditation techniques. And even though they are different, they all point to the same thing: Consciousness, Awareness. Being.

Here are some quotes about meditation from my spiritual master Osho:

“Meditation means to drop everything, which is on one’s memory, and to come to a state where only consciousness remains, where only awareness remains.

What you practice is not meditation in the real senses; it is only a concept (technique). But meditation will happen on its own through it.”

“Meditation means surrender, total letting go. As soon as someone surrenders himself he finds himself in the hands of divinity. If we cling to ourselves we cannot be one with the almighty. When the waves disappear they become the ocean itself.”

“The words “medicine” and “meditation” come from the same root.
Their meaning is the same: to heal.
Medicine heals the body, meditation heals the soul.
Medicine is outwardly, meditation is inwardly.
And man is whole only when medicine and meditation are together in deep harmony”

To experience some of Osho’s meditations click here

These are favorites:

Dynamic for the morning
Kundalini meditation for the end of the day
Gourishankar meditation for the night and to get high without drugs
No-Dimensions meditation which is inspired by movements from Gurdjeff and Sufi dancing
Nadabrahma meditation (humming with the sound of Tibetan bols)
Nataraj dance meditation

Would you like to start meditating immediately?

I’ve prepared an audio and texts that guide you into meditation in varied forms. Have fun with it!



Make sure that you're not disturbed for the next 5 to 10 minutes. Sit down on a cushion, on a meditation bench or a chair. Notice the contact of your body with what you're sitting on.


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