This following pranayama (breathing meditation) is a way of balancing your neurovegetative system which basically regulates your sleep, heartbeat, fight or flight response and digestion in the body. In our society, we are so challenged with all the tasks at hand that we can’t come down from a high-powered energy lifestyle. This drains our lifeforce and makes us vulnerable to disease.

To calm yourself and balance the different parts of the neurovegetative system, I propose this breathing technique, which helps to feel more peaceful, more in harmony with your emotional reactions, and more centered.


Sit comfortably with your spine straight either in a lotus or half-lotus position or on a chair with your legs firmly planted on the ground.

Put the left hand on your left thigh (leg) and bend your left index finger. Let it rest on your thumb like this:

Then bend your index and middle finger of the right hand so that your thumb and ring finger form a kind of tweezers with which you press alternatively the right or the left nostril to block the breath on this side:

Start by blocking your right nostril with your thumb and breath out and in (slowly):

Then block the left nostril with your ring finger and breath out and in (slowly):

Repeat as often as you want, at least until you feel calm and centered!

And let me know on Facebook how this is affecting your daily life!

It’s great to do this before going to sleep, or before a presentation. It brings you back in the present moment and takes away the stress from the “mind”.


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