Candle Light

I adapted the “Candle Light Meditation” for autumn and winter (second version). It is great for you if you love light and if you have a hard time with the darkness and the cold…

The adpated version allows you to feel light and warmth in you.
​This Meditation is also very effective to train the brain to stay attentiv and to focus on one object.

First prepare you room: Switch off or lower the artificial lights, make sure the room temperature is agreable to you. Then sit down in a chair or on a cushion, wherever it is comfortable and still easy to stay with your spine straight and be awake and alert.

Switch off all electronic devices that could ring and distract you (TV, Cellphone, computer etc.)

Put a candle at about an arm’s lenght from you so that you can easily look at it without being blinded by the light of the flame. Look at the flame constantly without moving your body while allowing your eyes to stay still on the candle’s light. It could be that your eyes start to water and that’s okay. With practice it’s gonna be easier!

At a certain moment your will notice that everything around the candle’s flame is dissappearing, that’s actually a physical phenomenon when the eyes don’t move. Only the light and you are existing and actually you are dissolving in the light…

And as a variant, specially for autumn and winter:

The Light Inside:

Do the same stages as above and look at the flame. This time let the candle light look at you. Allow your eyes to become soft and let the light enter into your inner being. Permit the light to fill every cell of your body!

Once you feel, see or sense your body filled with light, imagine, sense, feel the warmth of the light and allow your whole body to be filled up with this warmth.

Bath in this light and warmth until you’re all blissed out!

​If you’ve got questions or feedback, feel free to contact me, I’d love to hear from you!  

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