Coronavirus: How to feel calm and peace in an uncertain world

In all of the published health recommandations about the virus, one thing caught my eye : Stress is the worst thing for our immune-system. So, let's de-stress! I give you 3 resources to to exactly that. Through Breathing, Walking Meditation, Tapping and on top of that you can have a virtual community that supports you!

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An essential step to manifest your desires

MANIFEST WHAT YOU WANT through Law of Attraction Above all: Become clear of what it is you do want – so that you attract what you want (and not what you don’t! 😉 In one of my last law of attraction coaching groupes I became very aware of how important...

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3 simple steps to unlock your remarkable life

How is your life right now? Is it remarkable for you? Do you want it to be remarkable? That doesn’t mean you need to become someone famous or a Rockstar… just that you’re really happy with it! To be in your life as you want it to be, I have got...

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Ressourcing Moment: Contrast vs Clarity

Spring is a great time to start new project. For them to be succesfull, one needs to be clear about what one wants. Often it's clearer what one doesn't want... That's why I thought to give you this wonderful process that comes from Michael Losier's book: The law of attraction and it's called: Contrast vs Clarity.

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Se remonter le moral en novembre

Donc, essayez avec moi de laissez la place à ce qui se passe en vous avec le MOMENT de RESSOURCEMENT de SUJATI pour le mois de novembre, un vidéo dans lequel je vous guide à ressentir ce qui est difficile pour libérer l'énergie et la faire circuler. Vous allez voir comment c'est mieux après!!! :) 

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Transform your negative thoughts into positive ones!

Did you notice that once you’re thinking negatively about something, it happens and attracts even more bad into your life? I’ve got a personal example: I was on my way towards Montreal on the beginning of the school-year and was afraid of being stuck in traffic…which evidently happened and on...

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Coaching Package: “Spring Into Action”

What does Law of Attraction Coaching do and for whom is this Package? This Coaching Package is for you if...

“Body and Soul Transformation Program”

In-Depth Support and Healing Package In this package I’ll accompany you on a journey that will create a lasting transformation...

“Good Bye Pain” Package

You really want to tackle your “problem”, change your situation and get better! Your pain (physical and/or emotional) is bothering...

“Body-Mind” Discovery Session

Discover how I use all my tools to help you find "the" or one of the sources of your "problem". Then lets look at how to solve it and lets get started on the way to finally feel better in your Body-Mind!