Le Tapping is a generic term for all forms of tapping on acupressure points, like in EFT and other methods. This therapy method is based on the knowledge of ancient Chinese wisdom, the circulation of energy in merdians or energy channels in the body. While tapping on these points we balance and stimulate the harmonious circulation of energy in the whole body.

Negative emotions disturb this energy syteme in our body – while we tap on some precise places, the acu-points we lessen the stress in our systeme. This has an impact on our negative emotions and also often on our physical pain, since all physical pain has an emotional component…

EFT has been proven clinically to be effective at 80% for trauma, abuse, stress, anxiety, fear, guilt, phobies, despression, grief, child problems and hundred and one physical symptoms like headaches, pains and breathing difficulties.

It’s fair to say that Tapping is a therapy that treats the emotions by balancing the energy systeme in the body.

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