A new story – a new film!

With this exercise I will guide you into a space of presence, of calm, in which it is easy to observe what it is you’re repeating and what you don’t want to have in your life anymore…

You will get an idea of what the root cause of this reapeating negative pattern is. From this I will accompany your to produce, filme a new story which you prefer living in. This new film your making will start with the old negative event or pattern and then you will choose the actors you want to have in the filme and also the way they are going to deal with your younger self in a way that makes this young self feel wanted, nourished, cared for and seen. In this way the old pattern or story is now being replaced by something positive that completes whatever it was that was missing in the earlier negative pattern.

Listen to the audio, clicking here, to do the exercise of updating your malfunctioning programms.

P.S.: Obsivously your old pattern is not necessarily completely gone and will come back to get you into your habitual way of thinking and feeling. Whenever this happens, just get back to the new positive story, replay it in your mind and most important of all, feel it in your whole body!



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