Se remonter le moral en novembre

Donc, essayez avec moi de laissez la place à ce qui se passe en vous avec le MOMENT de RESSOURCEMENT de SUJATI pour le mois de novembre, un vidéo dans lequel je vous guide à ressentir ce qui est difficile pour libérer l'énergie et la faire circuler. Vous allez voir comment c'est mieux après!!! :) 

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Transform your negative thoughts into positive ones!

Did you notice that once you’re thinking negatively about something, it happens and attracts even more bad into your life? I’ve got a personal example: I was on my way towards Montreal on the beginning of the school-year and was afraid of being stuck in traffic…which evidently happened and on...

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Change your bad habit – exercise

f you've got a bad habit, something that you do that is harmful to you or others, and you would like to let it go and replace it by a good habit, this exercise is surprisingly simple, fast to do, and efficient!

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A new story – a new film!

With this exercise I will guide you into a space of presence, of calm, in which it is easy to observe what it is you’re repeating and what you don’t want to have in your life anymore… You will get an idea of what the root cause of this reapeating...

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Saying Yes To LIFE

I know it sounds a bit kitsch, but… there’s a really profound message in this! And I would love to guide you in discovering it now: Make yourself comfortable and take a few deep breaths. Feel into your body and let go of tensions you notice… Observe everything that’s present...

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A little taste of Chakra Sounds meditation

Start by standing (which I prefer, because the body can move with the energies starting to flow), sitting or lying with your spine straight, while being comfortable and at ease. Close your eyes and open your mouth so the sound can come out fully. Put your hands on your pubic...

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Tapping is a therapy technique that helps to balance your energetic system. When one is overwhelmed by emotions or stressed out, one can’t think and act logically. The tapping on Acu-points helps to get your reasoning back on-line! This is essential when dealing with: Anxiety, Phobies, Trauma, Stress, Guilt, Shame, depression, ...

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3 secrets to free your capacity for self-healing

Autumn Package 2020: Immunity +++

At this time, with the Coronavirus being a big health concern, I offer you a Fall Package that strengthens your...

Coaching Package: “Spring Into Action”

What does Law of Attraction Coaching do and for whom is this Package? This Coaching Package is for you if...

“Body and Soul Transformation Program”

In-Depth Support and Healing Package In this package I’ll accompany you on a journey that will create a lasting transformation...

“Good Bye Pain” Package

You really want to tackle your “problem”, change your situation and get better! Your pain (physical and/or emotional) is bothering...

“Body-Mind” Discovery Session

Discover how I use all my tools to help you find "the" or one of the sources of your "problem". Then lets look at how to solve it and lets get started on the way to finally feel better in your Body-Mind!