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What’s the most important thing for you?

Whatever it is you experience right now. You can always find something that is already good in your life... like you're body breathing, your brain understanding, water for drinking, machines that serve you... appreciating it, it is wonderful how much better you can make yourself feel and how many more things you can appreciate!

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Boost Immunity Now: The Three Thumps

So, what can you do to strengthen your immune system for feeling better right now? Because whatever we hear in the news is not necessarily good for our immune system, it often generates fear and stress in us. And this wreaks havoc on our immune system. We can’t escape it...

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From checking off “To Do’s” to enjoying Today!

Are you someone that has a lot of « To do’s » on your list?  Here in Québec, we’re at the point where it is: Back to school, back to work everybody! This always brings a lot of stress, especially for full time working parents… even though, some of them...

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Covid Rules – For your and my security in Studio Sujati

Covid Rules Studio Sujati – Massage is an essential service in Québec. My studio has been open since the beginning of June 2020, and I had the privilege to massage, coach and help my clients feel great in their bodies and minds to relax and destress. To let you know...

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Nothing is against you -you are infinitely loved!

Doesn’t it sometimes seems like everything goes wrong? There’s some kind of spell on you… Looking at the world these days it’s easy to find “wrongs”. And, if there is a slight shift inside… everything is fine. We are infinitely loved and supported… “But how so?” You may say… Isn’t...

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3 secrets to free your capacity for self-healing

Autumn Package 2020: Immunity +++

At this time, with the Coronavirus being a big health concern, I offer you a Fall Package that strengthens your...

Coaching Package: “Spring Into Action”

What does Law of Attraction Coaching do and for whom is this Package? This Coaching Package is for you if...

“Body and Soul Transformation Program”

In-Depth Support and Healing Package In this package I’ll accompany you on a journey that will create a lasting transformation...

“Good Bye Pain” Package

You really want to tackle your “problem”, change your situation and get better! Your pain (physical and/or emotional) is bothering...

“Body-Mind” Discovery Session

Discover how I use all my tools to help you find "the" or one of the sources of your "problem". Then lets look at how to solve it and lets get started on the way to finally feel better in your Body-Mind!