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Meditation Days and Mornings – Instant Wellbeing Retreats

Why a meditation day or morning event? Do you feel burnt out, exhausted, overwhelmed or just plain tired? Many of us feel this way. The last 2 years of the pandemic, everything that’s happening in the world and even just here where we’re living… Life takes its toll. This is...

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Live meditation groups this summer (Monday and Saturday)

Finally, we can meet in person, live, in groups again, without constraints. Looking at our faces, seeing smiling faces, not needing any vaccination proof! It’s a great pleasure for me to invite you again to my studio for biweekly live meditation groups: I will propose three Monday mornings and two...

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Why does pain often linger after accidents?

In my last training with Kathy Kain, I learned how to help people who had pain from accidents long ago that just wouldn’t leave them even if they did all kinds of treatments! Why do pains from accidents linger on? It could be that when the accident happened, your body...

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Do you want to change the world to become a better place?

Peace inside-out through meditation I desperately wanted to change the world when I was young because I saw all the suffering and bad things happening all around. For example, the forest was dying, many fishes in the Mediterranean Sea were extinct, and so much pollution. Then, on top of that,...

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Somatic Practice – Touch Skills for Trauma

When your nervous system is "hyper" it's difficult to sleep, digest or be social and connect. Give yourself the gift of calming down or balancing what's out of whack. Almost everybody has had some event in the last months of the pandemic that triggered these states of stress.

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Christmas Meditation with Delcious Food

What food means Christmas for you?  Today’s post is about food. Even just the fact that behind the small doors of the advent calendar were chocolates! Christmas is often related to having, eating, giving, and receiving delicious food, exceptional food you only eat at this time of the year. Like...

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How to break out of the vicious cycle

Do you have the same damn thing repeating in a vicious cycle? Let me show you how you can break out of it and have a more rewarding life. It's possible by using Tapping as a tool for making beliefs conscious that were holding you back!

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Overcome the vicious cycle of rejection

Anybody struggling with rejection? Ron, whose name I changed for confidentiality, sought out my services because he had troubles with his relationship. He knew that everything he did was so that he wouldn’t feel rejected. And he didn’t want to be like this anymore. Is this a theme that you...

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3 secrets to free your capacity for self-healing

Autumn Package 2020: Immunity +++

At this time, with the Coronavirus being a big health concern, I offer you a Fall Package that strengthens your...

Coaching Package: “Spring Into Action”

What does Law of Attraction Coaching do and for whom is this Package? This Coaching Package is for you if...

Spring-Package 2022: Revive & Renew

This Spring Package allows you to detox your system physically, energetically and psychologically! It also helps your immunesystem and boosts your energy. 3 Sessions with Sujati and Bonuses...

“Body and Soul Transformation Program”

In-Depth Support and Healing Package In this package I’ll accompany you on a journey that will create a lasting transformation...

“Good Bye Pain” Package

You really want to tackle your “problem”, change your situation and get better! Your pain (physical and/or emotional) is bothering...

“Body-Mind” Discovery Session

Discover how I use all my tools to help you find "the" or one of the sources of your "problem". Then lets look at how to solve it and lets get started on the way to finally feel better in your Body-Mind!