Let’s play and have fun – Learn how to flow with life: Downstream

Imagine playing a game you don’t know.

And people give you all kind of rules that actually don’t work out for you, let alone have fun!

Well, in a way that’s how I feel when I look at my life from teenage age until I was 20 years old. Then I started to become aware of and reject some of the rules that I had learnt from my cultural upbringing in Germany, from school, from my peers, from the papers and Television. A lot of it totally untrue, but how would, could I have known!

The thing I did notice was, that I wasn’t happy, that I didn’t live a fulfilled and satisfying life. And that’s actually all you need to know to recognize that what you’ve learnt about life doesn’t work for you. Meaning, that these rules are not the ones that can make you happy and joyous!

But what are the “good” rules for this “play” called life?

Maybe you’ve heard from Indian – Asian teachers that life is a “play”(leela). Well, when you’re miserable, it doesn’t seem very playful. So, what to do about it, how to get the good rules that work?

Well, I want to give you some of my experience with so many different ways and tools. For me the “Universal Laws” are rules that work to make me feel good, as long as I use them! They constantly guide me to feel better, to let go, to allow, to tune into what’s really there and from there move my way up, back to the natural state of Wellbeing.

Ifyou want to learn them I teach these Laws in my ongoing Coaching Groupe to which I invite you (if you’re living close enough) for a free trial evening… and then, when you’re happy about what you’ve learnt, you just sign up for the rest of the winter session.

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January Ressource

And because I want you to get a taste of the “good” rules, the Universal Laws, my JANUARY RESSOURCE for you is a coaching tool that I often use with my clients, which comes from Esther Hicks “Abrahm” and is called:

“Upstream – Downstream”

Why that name? Well, it’s an analogy. Let’s say you’re in a river with lots of current. When you’re paddling upstream it takes an enormous effort and as soon as you stop you will go downstream. But when you paddle downstream, you can direct your boat in a way that is the best, the most pleasant way. On top of that, we are told by Abraham that everything we want is downstream. That means, no need to struggle. Yes, even going downstream, sometimes some effort is needed to stay in the right place, go between to big rocks, for example; but still, the river is doing the main work!

So, what I want to show you now is how to do that in the emotional life to feel good, to flow with life.

First of all, notice what you are feeling. Especially when it’s not a pleasant feeling… pinpoint what kind of emotion it is. Allow yourself to feel it… write a phrase about your feeling.

Following this, now write another phrase about it and notice if that feels somehow lighter inside, or the same, or worse. If it feels lighter, allow this new feeling to expand and notice which emotion it connects with. Obviously, not necessarily immediately joy and love, especially if you’ve been really down. But anything that feels lighter and feels like a relief is good. It means you’re on the right track!

Afterwards, write down another phrase about your situation. Check again if it feels worse, same or better. If it feels worse, go back to the phrase before, if it feels the same, just continue writing about your situation, until you get a phrase that makes you feel lighter.

Above all, continue now until you feel better about your life, your situation. I promise, it won’t take hours, it’s quite miraculous.

However, it’s possible, that you’re really, really down, or tackle something that has been difficult for a long time. Then it’s probable that it will take more time and also the help of a professional to start going with the flow and feel better.

You’re welcome to schedule a 30 minutes complementary session with me!

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