Raise your vibration with this Law of Attraction Exercise! What if – UP!

Law of Attraction Exercise to UP your vibration

What if…? UP instead of going down with this question?

What if you could finally have what you always dreamt about? You may say it’s utopian. But what, if? How could it be possible? The law of attraction is stating that as soon as you have a certain vibration you automatically attract things that are similar to that vibration. So let’s find out what it is that you want to live!

What Do You Want?

In fact, what do you want to feel, once you have what you want?

Let’s say, for example, you want to have more money. What for? To do a trip to Europe. What do you want this trip for? To discover a new culture, to see beautiful old buildings, to be immersed in a completely different culture, to hear other languages than English and French, to eat different food than what you’re used to.

Why do you want it?

What do you think this will bring you? What do you want as a feeling from this excitement? Surprise? Discovery? New sensations? Joy? Expansion of what you know?

Now go through your list of why you want to travel. Take each element and reflect on how you could already have this here and now.

Like, for example, discovering a new culture. How could you discover it right here and now? Maybe you could go to Montreal in a quarter, that you don’t know, which is interesting you. You could look for association of people from this culture. Immigrants or cultural musical or traditional groups from this country you want to visit.

Find a channel on the radio or internet that has the music from the country and speaks its language, watch documentaries from this country, go to a restaurant from the nationality or culture of this group that you’re interested in. And then… What do you want to feel?

Expansion,for example: you may want to learn the language of the country you want to visit. If you want excitement and surprise maybe go to a restaurant and ask for somethings you’ve never eaten, something very typical from this country and try it. Now you are in the feeling or experimenting already what it is you’re looking for. You can also go to a travel agency. Look up where you would want to go and get a map from the place to make your travel route.

What to do next with this Law of Attraction Exercise?

And then –  what is the next concrete step? In our example maybe to go to this country? Or maybe you have realized that you don’t actually want to go to this place! And that’s fine, too! Then, just choose another one. Once you know what you want you can easily find one little step to get into the right direction, into the feeling you want to get!

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