Somatic Practice – Touch Skills for Trauma

Are you having trouble with 

  • Digestion
  • Sleep
  • Feeling calm and peaceful?

If you were under a lot of stress lately (and who hasn’t with the pandemic and all the rules to be followed!), your body may be stuck in a fight, flight, freeze mode, which doesn’t allow for digestion rest, and communication with others. Your system is either in a hypervigilant state and wants to run, defend, do something, or it is in a frozen, apathetic state, which makes social interaction and any kind of work almost impossible. The Somatic Practice tools can help you allow your nervous system to rebalance so that activity and rest are both possible.

“Somatic Practice”

is a term that Kathy Kain, the founder of these tools, has come up with and which she explains on her website as follows:

“Somatic Practice describes a body of work and an educational approach that can’t be simplified into a definable method or a predetermined set of techniques. Practitioners choosing this training path engage in ongoing learning and practice, which gradually changes their way of working – and being. Thus, it is more accurate to call this work a “practice” rather than naming it as a particular method or modality.”

And particularly about the Touch Skills,

you can read on her website:

“The primary focus of this workshop series (Touch Skills for Trauma Therapists) is on developing tactile skills, somatic awareness, and other touch-related skills in the context of working with the resolution of trauma. Mental health providers, touch therapists, and other somatic practitioners will find this training useful for increasing their skills for more directly including the body in the resolution of traumatic stress symptoms.”

The workshops are designed to progressively build the participants’ understanding and confidence in being able to incorporate different types of touch, different body systems and tissues, and different somatic practices into their trauma recovery practice.

While the course presumes that participants are open to incorporating touch into their practice in some form, the same skills can be adapted for use in practice settings that do not support actual physical contact with clients.”

*bold and italic in the text is done by me to show that I am a touch therapist and somatic practitioner and can be done without touch via video.


My initial offer of Somatic Practice Sessions:

Get 3-5 Touch Skill Sessions with me in person or via Zoom (internet video) and see for yourself the marvellous calming, balancing and stabilizing effect of this work for a reduced price (until 1st of March 2022). After the first session, you decide if this work helps you and if you enjoy it and want to go on.

The sessions are done fully dressed. When we are together in the same room, you will lie on your back on the table or sit on the sofa, whichever way you’re more at ease. You will tell me your situation and what you want to address, and I’ll then suggest where I will touch you – either physically or if that is too triggering imaginary. Then we will together bring harmony to this part of your body by allowing your nervous system to become calmer and more balanced, or the tissues, bones, fascia, muscles to rearrange. It’s subtle but very powerful! I would compare this touch with some of the osteopathic treatments I had. When we are on Zoom together, I will be joining you with your attention in different parts of your body and do the same thing… calming, balancing, readjusting.

The investment in your wellbeing

85$ per 60 minutes session plus taxes: 97,73 $ (instead of 120 $ plus taxes = 137,97 $)

So for three sessions, you save over 120 $ and for five sessions, you save over 200 $!

Special price until 1st of March 2022 (to start with the sessions!).


Write me to set up your first session: [email protected]

Or call me on my i-phone: (514) 296-7877 (Canada) for more information!