Easter – Ressurection is possible for everyone!

Easter is all about resurrection. I’m so amazed about the possibility of resurrection. Sometimes it seems like certain things in our lives, certain events, traumatismes, habits are there forever to haunt us. And my experience working with over 1000 persons is that there is always a possibility for resurrection, even if it doesn’t seem so at the beginning.

In fact that’s why I created Packages. In my packages there is a process built in to start with a certain problem and arrive at a certain solution. I love this adventure of going into the unknown, accompanying my client on her – his journey to resurrect, to arise like the phenix from the ashes! Especially when the starting point is really heavy, difficult, painful… there’s such a potential for an incredible transformation!

What I noticed about working with that many people is, that the ones, that got the most out of it, were often the ones that had already tried so many things and were almost at the end of their rope. They didn’t dare to hope anymore: « Anyway it won’t work » and then: « but lets give it a last try »

Right now I’m in the middle of a package where my client wants to stop smoking. And it’s not easy. Often she’s really discouraged by the resistance to wanting to stop smoking. And I’m enthusiastic, because it is important that resistance comes while we’re together, so that we can do something about it! And my client is really surprised that feelings like anger, past hurts and childhood conditionings all have to do with her need to smoke!

Another client is doing the Fe.li.c.e package for women that have been abused sexually in their childhood. She is baffled by the impacts that this trauma still has on her relations in general, with men in authority roles and her work.And she’s very happy to look at it, go through it and transform it into new ways of being that are so much more healthy and joyful for her relationships, body, work and life in general.

If that makes you curious have a look at the different packages I offer and bear in mind: The small packages, usually 3 sessions, are good if you want to tackle a small problem… the « Body and Soul Transformation Package » is for you if you want to really metamorphose something very difficult in your life. It adresses whatever problem you come with, be it Smoking, Money, Health, Life Purpose or something else… Get more information about the packages here.

And if you are not sure which one is for you, I’m happy to have a 20 minutes free consultation with you to look what’s best for you… or book a Body-Mind Discovery Session with me at: 514 296 7877 to get to know my way of working.

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