Covid Rules – For your and my security in Studio Sujati

Covid Rules Studio Sujati – Massage is an essential service in Québec.

My studio has been open since the beginning of June 2020, and I had the privilege to massage, coach and help my clients feel great in their bodies and minds to relax and destress.

To let you know what measures I’m taking for your and my safety, I wrote this article 🙂

Time Buffer

My clients are booked with 30 minutes buffer time, allowing for cleaning and disinfecting all the touched areas, changing the sheets on the table and the couch, and airing out the room.
Before touching you, I always wash or disinfect my hands.

Mask and Gown

I wear a gown over my clothes which I change daily.

When you come to my studio, please knock, and I will open the door. You’ll take off your shoes, wash your hands and let’s start! I will wear a mask over my mouth and nose and safety glasses for the massage. You will also need to wear a medical mask over your nose and mouth. If you don’t have one, I will provide one for you.

When we do just talking (coaching and Body-Mind Counseling), I will wear a transparent Faceshield, so you’ll see my whole face, and I keep the necessary distance if you prefer seeing my face… it’s so important to know what is going on with the other person, and that’s so much easier by seeing their whole face! If you rather have me with my mask on, that is fine, too.

Finishing Up

Once our time together has come to an end, you can pay me in cash, check, NO-TOUCH: e-transfer (please immediately before or after the session… it’s too much work to keep track of the payments after days) and also by credit card with Square (they do take 2,5 % off the money I get).

You’ll wash your hands, and I’ll open the door for you so that you go out all relaxed and with no germs or viruses on your hands…

Obviously, I can only accept clients that don’t have any symptoms of Coronavirus!
Symptoms like having high temperature, difficulty with the breath, cold and flu symptoms, close contact with infected persons, or been recently diagnosed with Covid.

So, please reschedule your appointment if you’re not feeling well and are not sure!  cell: 514 296-7877, [email protected]

I will do the same!