3 simple steps to unlock your remarkable life

How is your life right now?
Is it remarkable for you?
Do you want it to be remarkable? That doesn’t mean you need to become someone famous or a Rockstar… just that you’re really happy with it!

To be in your life as you want it to be, I have got 3 simple, but powerful steps I want to share with you:

  1. Ask yourself first of all this question:
    « How do I stand in my life, my reality? »
  2. Once you know how you stand in your reality you can make changes…
  3. Make the change!

Well, that all sounds very straightforward and uncomplicated, but HOW the Heck should I do that? Probably you wanted to change certain things since quite some time…

And then I answer, that it depends on your choice… « Choice? » you’ll ask, « what does that have to do with anything?  Do I really have a choice? What an interesting idea that is!»

So, let’s begin with number one:

Where are you starting from? And this you can find out easily with the following exercise.
Once you find out which reality you’re living in you can choose to continue being in it or choose another way of living your life.

Here’s the exercise to unlock your remarkable life, step one:

Do that somewhere where you’re not disturbed for a good 5 minutes or more: Stand up on your feet. It’s best to be without shoes, barefoot or in you socks, to really feel the way your foot is connecting with the floor.

Take a few deep breaths in and out, allowing your tensions to melt and the mind to quiet. Become aware of you body, sense into your feet. Feel how they are on the ground. Without jugement or changing the position, just notice how your standing.

– Are you almost on your toes, like leaning forward?
– Is most on your weight on the heels?
– Are your legs turned inwards with the weight inside?
– or maybe your legs are more outwards with the weight towards the side of your feet?

How does it feel to stand like this? What else do you notice about the connection between your feet and the ground. Does it seem familiar (probably yes!). What kind of attitude, feeling, perspective do you have standing like this?

From there we come the second step to unlock your remarkable life

Now, that you have noticed how you are standing on your feet, how you are in your life, ask yourself: Do you like standing, being like this?
However, if not, you can make a conscious choice now!

First, try out physically standing differently. Play around with minor changes in your position, how you stand by aligning your body with gravity. Then recognize how that feels!

It is probable that it seems strange, awkward, maybe even uncomfortable. Even though, when you think about it, your body is so much more balanced and stable when it’s aligned with gravity!

That is, because this minor sift will show you where in your life you’ve made a decision about how life is.
I’ll give you an example:

– I have to watch out
– I need to push forward
– I have to hold back
– It’s dangerous to be open
– etc., etc.

As you see, all these are conclusions to things you have experienced at a certain moment in your life. That doesn’t mean that whatever conclusion you’ve made is still valid or true! But by adopting your posture, the way you stand on your feet, you make it your way of being in life. And so it becomes your reality.

At this moment you may ask yourself: «  How do I change this?!! »
And, as I said before, you’ve got a choice now: You can decide how you want to stand in your life.

Which brings us to step number three to unlock your remarkable life:

Write down in your journal, on a piece of paper or on your computer, whatever feels best for you:
“How do you want to be in life, stand in your life?”

For example: You’ve noticed that there is the belief, the way of being in life, that is: “It’s dangerous to be open.”
And obviously the new belief would be: “It’s great to be open.” (because then I can really meet people, have real contacts, love etc.).
But, for sure, there is still a part that doesn’t feel ready to be open and that will immediately contradict it! So, it’s good to modify this sentence: “It’s great to be open and I still can discern what is good for me and what is not good.”

As soon as you have this new way of being in your reality, feel into it. How would you think, how would you stand, how would you feel, if that was your new way of living?
How would you stand on your feet thinking this thought?

Above all, just play with it! Once you’ve found the way to really « stand » in this new reality, allow yourself to feel it totally, in every cell of your body. Make an imprint of this new reality.

Let me know on Facebook or by e-mail: [email protected] what you’ve experienced!

P.S. I know, even when you’ve found out that you live in a reality that you’d like to change, it’s not so easy to just live the new way!
I can help you with that through different modalities like Tapping, the Hakomi method of assisted self-study in Mindfulness (from which I got this exercise and Law of Attraction Coaching.

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