Body-Mind Therapy

  • Your body is hurting or sick?
  • Frustrated and tired of trying to get better?
  • Tried health-professionals and nothing really worked?

You feel bad and need help. I get it! I myself passed through pain, diseases and extremely difficult emotional states. And everything I wanted was to just get better and that fast!

I managed to heal, as much my body as my soul through the help of therapists, groups and trainings; by dissolving physical and emotional difficulties inside me.
For that reason I’m convinced of the importance of working with the body, the emotions and the mind for comprehension to change dis-eases, pain and negative beliefs that make you sick!

The dis-ease in your body has always a message for you! To understand it is not always easy, especially by oneself (if you want to receive audio and videos to try out my way of working, click here). I love to discover with you what your body wants to tell you! Once it is heard, understood and integrated this dis-ease will transform for the better in your life.

The physical pain is connected to emotions, even if not always caused, but even though emotions are always present, even in the case of accidents. As soon as the emotion is less strong or has been completed the pain or sickness lessen or go away completely…and give room for wellbeing. It’s unbelievable and seems sometimes miraculous!

The 25 years in which I helped over 1000 persons confirmed that to me!”

I can help you to free yourself from pain free yourself from pain

  • feel well in your body
  • be calm and relaxed
  • find peace in yourself

“What is Sujati’s Body-Mind Therapy?

In my Body-Mind approach I use different techniques, methods and my intuition:

Sujati’s Body-Mind Therapy

Sujati places her hands on the regions of your body that’s troubling you (pain, disease, tension). She helps you to contact theses places, by being in a state of mindfulness and her touch to discover the message(s) your body has for you. This creates an openness and a dialogue between your body and your conscious state which helps the healing process, brings understanding and acceptance which lead finally to inner peace.

Jin Shin Do ® Acupressure

A unique synthesis of a traditional Japanese acupressure technique, classic Chinese acupuncture and acupressure theory, Taoist philosophy, Qigong (breathing and exercise techniques), Reichian segmental theory and principles of Ericksonian psychotherapy, it is recognized as a major form of Asian Bodywork Therapy.
Originated by psychotherapistIona Marsaa Teeguarden, Jin Shin Do® Acupressure promotes a pleasant trancelike state, in which one can relax and move out of the head and into the body, accessing feelings and inner wisdom.
This clothes-on method helps relieve stress- and trauma-related problems.
Please click here to read the JSD disclaimer.


Hakomi, after Ron Kurtz the founder of this method, is: “assisted self-study in mindfulness”.

It uses experiments in mindfulness to see how the client is organizing her/his experience in a way that makes it impossible to experience the life she/he actually wants to live… 🙁

By visiting the places that formed the negative, limiting beliefs the person can now “update” her/his perception about life in a way that’s nourishing and enriching by having new positive experiences.

Non-violence and respect are amongst the principles of this method where the therapist accompanies the client on her/his way in collaboration. This very direct approach is powerful, nourishing and a source of transformation.


Tapping is a generic term that includes all ways to tap with your fingers on acupuncture points to create wellbeing. This method is also known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

The therapist guides the client to tap with her/his fingers on certain acu-points and talk at the same time, discharging the negative emotions and balancing the energy system in her/his body.
This creates new neuronal connections in your brain, facilitating happy states and reasoning.

While being worked on or working with these techniques, the client always stays fully clothed.


Tapping is a therapy technique that helps to balance your energetic system. When one is overwhelmed by emotions or stressed out, one can’t think and act logically. The tapping on Acu-points helps to get your reasoning back on-line! This is essential when dealing with: Anxiety, Phobies, Trauma, Stress, Guilt, Shame, depression, ...

Jin Shin Do ®

“Jin Shin Do” means “The Way of the Compassionate Spirit.” Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure® classes teach the use of gentle yet deep finger pressure on specific acu-points and verbal Body Focusing techniques, to help release “armoring” or chronic tension, balance the “Qi” or energy, and improve vitality. This clothes-on...


Hakomi – assisted self-study in mindfulness Hakomi is a psychotherapeutical way using experiments done in mindfulness. These reveal how we’re organized and especially what belief systems prevent us from living our lives fully. This is done in a playful, and collaborative manner, which is fast, direct and surprisingly powerful for...


Sujati held the space I needed to find the wisdom and treasure inside myself that I have been searching for years and years.  Her gentle compassion and confidence in me helped me discover the wisdom in my pain, learn to trust myself and helped me to be able to receive the abundant love within me.

Dawa, California

I somehow rediscovered some of the joy that I had lost since my father passed. I felt renewed and ready to enter the world and participate in life again. I’m still sad and grieving obviously, but that profound darkness has lifted and I see hope and positivity.

Sree S., Ottawa, ON

Sujati's touch is very special, respectful and safe. I recommend her anytime. I also experienced and studied Hakomi with her and again she is attentive and creative in her way to make you feel safe and willing to open your heart to her.

Laurent Sirois

I feel so wonderful from the work that you shared with me… a lightness and a peaceful feeling that is still with me… Thank you for so generously giving of your gifts! I do believe you helped me clear something that has been with me a long, long time.…

Helen M., Oregon

Working with Sujati in just one session she skilfully helped me with my painful toe. Sujati helped me to look what was underneath the pain in the toe, see some of the deeper issues and release them. And my toe did get better immediately and gradually the pain, two weeks later now, is gone.

Laura Cornell, PhD, Divine Feminine Yogini and Yoga Teacher Mentor

I recommend Sujati to every person in the process of inner work.  Her guidance has been greatly appreciated and beneficial throughout the steps. Thanks for relighting my inner flame!


I really appreciate the way Sujati works with the body in her sessions; I gradually gained a new awareness of where my emotions were residing in me and how I could access more information about myself from my body.

M.R., Life coach, Ste-Adèle.

I have enormous gratitude to Sujati for the work we did together; it was profound and very healing. I first came to see her at a time when I was under great stress in a number of areas of my life, and quite honestly I am not sure how I would have managed to get through those few months without her loving support.

M.R., Ste-Adèle

Please feel free to contact me to find out if this is an appropriate treatment by scheduling your 30 minutes free phone or Skype consultation Body-Mind discovery session, or for booking a “life” session with me.


 I wanted to write to you to thank you for that amazing hour-and-half we spent together.
You made a really big impact on me…. there was something about our interaction, which went beyond just the physical healing of my back… I somehow rediscovered some of the joy that I had lost since my father passed.
I felt renewed and ready to enter the world and participate in life again

Sree S., Ottawa, Canada

If you’re living far away, we can meet via Skype or Google-Hangout .
It’s amazing to me how much can be done even when not physically being together!


I had a 45 minute Skype session with Sujati last week and I found her approach and energy very soft and engaging. I felt she understood my emotional issue very well and helped me to feel lighter. I would definitely recommend her and her knowledge of the Hakomi method (Assisted Selfstudy in Mindfulness) really made an impact on me, too.

Pam Buswell Chamberland, Montreal