Are you actually happy and delighted in love?

What is love?

Do you also hear the song in your head, when reading this?
Well, only if you’re a certain age, I guess…
Anyway, what I would like to talk about is “LOVE”.
After all, it’s Valentine’s Day, so the topic is quite clear 😉
Love seems to be something almost everybody is looking for. And it’s something that is behind a lot of things that we do!
For love monstrous things are done … and incredibly beautiful and moving things also!

What exactly is “this thing called love”?

(you got me again… Queen has made a song with this title)

  • Means love to sacrifice?
  • Does it mean to be jealous?
  • Is it to give everything without expecting anything in return?
  • To always feel wonderful?
  • Is love a constant struggle for power?
  • Are you giving away your power in love?
  • Does love mean giving in to anything the other wants?
  • To be comfortable with the other?
Or is it something altogether different?
Many people have many opinions…
I won’t say that I have the truth. What I want here, is to make you think and question your ideas…to open up to new ways of seeing and experiencing love!

I suggest a little experiment in mindfulness and then an exercise for:

Sujati’s February resourcing moment

Take a moment to become quiet. Sit down and straighten your spine. Feel connected to the earth through the points of contact with the chair, sofa or wherver you’re sitting and the feet touching the earth. In addition, notice that there is some power that is lifting you up, almost as if your head was pulled up slightly, so that your body is easily in an upright position without any force.
While breathing in deeply and with the outbreath letting go of all the tension in your body, allow the thoughts in your head to drift away. You are just being here and now.
Now, when you hear me say: “What is love?” …notice what comes up immediately!
And write it down. You can repeat asking this question a few times with every new thing that comes up, write it down.
Then look at your list! Read it out aloud and notice: Does it feel good,  easy, does it make you joyful? Or does it feel heavy, awful, contracting?
If that is the case… well, wouldn’t it be great to change these believes? And that’s what they are! Just beliefs!

Love is what we are conditioned to think it is…

What we consider love to be has more to do with what we experienced in our families, what we learnt from television, books and our peers. That doesn’t mean that this is what Love really is. As a result we live love in a “default” setting! That is, we live love as we are conditioned to belief what love is.
And why not change this setting to something that is making you feel great!
What is it for you that would feel wonderful when thinking of love? Write down the opposites of the things that make you feel heavy and are no fun at all!
By all means play with it… if you’d say: “Wouldn’t it be great if love could be….. (this) for me?” And put in all the things that you want love to be!
To emphasize and really start transforming from “negative” love to “positive” love, read these phrases in a way that makes you feel good, that lifts you up. Not as a “homework” to be done, but as an inspirational, tranformative moment!

So – What do you want Love to be?

I’ll give you an example that could be positive. But check it out for you, it must fit with what you want, what makes your heart sing!
  • Love is freeing
  • Love is supportive
  • Love is helping me to understand myself better
  • Love is growth
  • Love is allowing each one to be
  • Love is challenging each one to be the best one can be
  • Love is exciting
  • Love is safe
  • Love is healing
And whatever feels right and good for you!
I challenge you here and now:
Find out what you want your love to be and give it a try!
It is so wonderful when love is great, happy, joyous and like a warm hug of understanding and support! I want you to have exactly what you need from love and share this wonderful thing called love…
Have a marvelous, loving Valentine’s Day!

And as a result please let me know what this exercice did for you here

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