How to have a delightful summer by enjoying – even more ;) AND Build Resilience

How can we build resilience this summer while enjoying?

First of all: What does it mean to be resilient? 

In the dictionary, I found this definition: resilient: (of a person) recovering easily and quickly from shock, illness, hardship, etc.

Since we all went through a tough time during the pandemic (some more, some less, but it still influenced all our lives), I thought to myself: how can I talk about something which is easy in summer for most of us and at the same time make it something that’s nourishing and repairing so that it helps recovery?

Joy will help us to recover more quickly. When we feel joy and allow ourselves to stay in that feeling for a while, the neuronal connections in our brain get stronger. It builds a kind of highway for quicker access to that feeling. The same is true for all the things we feel, think, and do… the more we practice, the easier it gets! Therefore, let’s practice joy and enjoyment!

That’s why I propose a little exercise:

How to enjoy even more your summer (vacation) and build resilience

Enjoyment can be active and also be quieter, like resting and going inside.

Summer has fiery energy for partying, celebrating, and going out. 

Joy can come by being with people, being with friends, and doing fun stuff together like cycling, tennis, hiking, dancing, partying, and dinner parties. That is marvellous, exciting and at times just the thing to do. 

Sometimes though, we go with what our mind tells us instead of checking in with what we really need because it’s what we’re supposed to do, what others do, what is THE THING to do…

Enjoyment can also be quieter: like resting and going inside, as in meditation. There is a possibility to relax, restore, and rebuild. Because you don’t need to work on vacation, you can do whatever is best for you! But how do you know what the best for you is?

3 steps to become aware of what’s enjoyable and the best for you:

  1. Take a moment to become aware of what you need and want! This changes all the time, so what you want in the morning is probably different from the evening… and what was right and pleasurable for you yesterday may not be the same as what lights you up today!
  2. Do whatever you noticed in step one.
  3. Afterwards, take a moment to feel what it did for you and stop doing that if it makes you feel crappy. Or, repeat it as long as it feels good!

If you noticed in step one that you need more quiet enjoyment, meditation could do the trick: there are so many different meditation techniques! 

If you want to try it together soon, come to one of the 2 Meditation events after my vacation! 

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