What’s the most important thing for you?

Is it money? Family? Health? Physical health, mental health? Friends? Prestige? Power? Probably not the later too, since you’re in this newsletter of finally feeling better.

If you are interested in what I am doing, chances are, that physical and mental health is on top of your list! Listening to “tout le monde en parle”  a Quebecker talk show, I heard a health professional talking about chronic stress in these times of the coronavirus. And how these times allow the researchers to see how it influences people, all of us!

Myself, for example, I noticed, that when I listen too often to the updates about the Covid situation, something in me starts to contract, to tense up. So, I choose not to listen to it too often. You may say that I am putting my head in the sand like an ostrich. But no, I do inform myself regularly, I just choose not to give a lot of attention to what is potentially stressing me, making me feel helpless and powerless. Because, short of not meeting to many people, washing or disinfecting my hands, putting on my mask and keeping distance, I personally can’t do much about the coronavirus.

And, because feeling powerless is a very vulnerable state, which I learned in early childhood and which my body mind system recognizes and is very familiar with, it is easy for me to fall back into it. It makes me feel really bad! So, my body has physical reactions to it. Which makes my body more vulnerable to virus and other diseases.

So, what is the best way to counter this? Well, in my opinion (and I’m not the only one to think like that) it is to strengthen your happiness, your well-being, the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual one.

My November resource for you is exactly for strengthening your well-being! By noticing what is good here and now (which is the only place that counts really!). That may seem strange to you… But since our brains are biased toward the negative, consciously noticing what is good changes the bio chemistry in our bodies. It generates well-being hormones which make your body and mind feel so much better!

Try It out!

The November resource “Noticing and Nourishing Well-Being”

Start by finding something in your life that works! It could be as simple as you’re reading this text. Your mind is capable of understanding these words. Wow! What a mind! Or, you’re reading this: This means you have a device that you can receive this newsletter on. What an abundance, wealth! Or, you are, as most of us, living in a house, having a roof over your head, warmth, food and water to nourish yourself. What a luxury what an abundance that is!

Hundred years ago, here in the Laurentian’s where I live, not many people had such an easy and comfortable life!

Now, allow this feeling of appreciation to grow inside you. Give yourself the time to bath in this appreciation of abundance of beauty, wealth or whatever it is you’re presently appreciate.

Then, find another thing that you feel good about. Maybe now it is that you can do this exercise, or the hot drink you’re having while you’re reading this, or the person you love that is next to you, whatever it is that is positive and feels good right now.

Expand your sense of gratefulness and appreciation. And just keep going on and on as long as you feel like. You will notice that more and more things appear that you can appreciate (what you focus on attracts similar things to it = Law of Attraction). Once you’re done with this exercise, just notice how you feel emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually!

Let me know on this Facebook thread what you experienced with this exercise!

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