Why does pain often linger after accidents?

In my last training with Kathy Kain, I learned how to help people who had pain from accidents long ago that just wouldn’t leave them even if they did all kinds of treatments!

Why do pains from accidents linger on?

It could be that when the accident happened, your body went into a defensive state, mobilizing specific muscles to help you not get hurt.
And, because we are humans and have lots of social inhibitions, we consciously don’t like to shake or tremble. It looks weird!
But that’s how our nervous system lets go of the shock inflicted by an accident! You may have seen it in birds that fly against your window. They often seem dead, lying on the ground totally still, but then they get up and shake. After that, they’re OK, flying away as if nothing happened.

Depending on your accident, it could be that this energy is still in your system and needs to ground itself. With my help, you will have the opportunity to allow whatever is necessary to happen to free up this energy. For example, you may feel energy rushing through your legs or feet and some trembling. Or we find another way to allow your nervous system to return to a more balanced state so that it is no longer hyper- or hypo-aroused.

This allows your body to relax and, at the same time, be alert again, depending on what’s needed.

Here’s something a client experienced in a Somatic Practice session with me:

“Last October I had a bad fall, I fell on my left hip and thigh. The pain was permanent even after several acupuncture and massage sessions which relieved me at the time, but I still felt the pain after the treatments.

After a Mind-Body session (Somatic Practice) with Sujati, my constant pain was gone.

I loved the experience and how the session went. Sujati gives us confidence and by revisiting how the fall happened and how I could have lived this fall differently, my body and my mind relaxed and now 2 weeks after the session (in May), I don’t feel anymore this pain that accompanied me since last October.

Thank you Sujati”


Somatic Practice Sessions IN-PERSON and ONLINE for lingering pain after accidents

We can do this work together in person or via zoom.
In-person when I touch you physically, it’s just as a support to be present in your body. It also gives me information about what’s going on.

On the screen, there is the presence of both of us in and with your body that makes all the difference. And sometimes I can see more clearly what’s happening because, on the computer, I see your face really close up!

Once the charge of the accident is gone, you will feel so much better; the pain is usually gone or much less.
On top of it, it will be prevention for further accidents from happening.

Because, to my great surprise and entirely new for me, our body-mind system interprets accidents, which result in injuries, as unsuccessful defensive ways. And then the body will not do the same defence anymore.
For example, when you’re trying to stop the fall with your arms, turn away or something else, and you get hurt anyway. Then your body won’t use your arms anymore, or your turning sideways or whatever gesture you did!
This makes you more prone to have new injuries in similar situations!

So let’s prevent and heal lingering pain from accidents.

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