How to live an amazing life of luxury in the time of the Coronavirus?!

How can one live a life of luxury with the Corona Virus?

A Plea for Gratitude

I wake up in the morning when my body wants to. My comfortable, warm bed is in a just rightly warmed room. It’s a joy feeling my body and doing some exercises that help me feeling great.
The man I love has already risen and I am enjoying a moment to myself.
Once I’m up I enjoy being in my bathroom, with clean flowing, water.

Then I prepare my favorite tea, which, depending on the day could be organic green tea, cardamom tea, herbal tea or other, sometimes a delicious coffee. I feel grateful for my meditation bench which is beautifully installed to look on the big garden with mature trees and the sun, when it’s shining.

There is Time for Being

I allow time to be quiet, to become centred, to listen to some spiritual stuff or just sit.

As soon as I get hungry I can have my breakfast which is whatever I want it to be. Appetizing fruit, smoothie, homemade bread with gratifying cheese, jam, eggs or whatever I feel like. It’s so amazing to have this choice of food always available!

Having had a cleansing bath or shower, I read emails and answer them… and read or do something I feel like… clean out some stuff, make order in a cupboard, arrange the garden or house to make it more to my liking.

Or I call someone from my family or friends. If I feel like I can even go for a “distant” walk with my friends to have a real great chat!

I can do whatever I like with my time… read, listen to music, enjoy some good films or series… Moreover, if I feel like, I can do some yoga, exercises, sing, dance, endless possibilities… and I can even see my mother in Germany with the help of the internet for free! Wow, if my grandmother was still alive, she wouldn’t believe that!

And so, it goes on. Total liberty in some limited ways, but still… so much free space… to be filled with whatever I want it to be filled with! With learning, teaching (which I could over the internet), doing stuff I never have time for, enjoying not doing and just being.

I am so grateful for this luxury life that I have

Because I am giving massages and work physically with my clients, I cannot receive anybody at this moment here in Val-David (due to the corona virus situation – but who knows, that will change soon!). But, I do occasionally help anxious, freaked out, or fearful people to get back to a more relaxed and enjoyable state, in which they have the choice how to feel about what is happening. That’s why I am grateful for internet, what a blessing!

I am writing this text, because I want you to question yourself, if you feel bad about what is happening in your life. Is it true that it’s so bad? Could you see it another way? Could you turn your attention to some of the aspects of your life that are great, good or even just okay at this moment (but in fact are miraculous, if you would have lived 150 years ago! Like being able to take the car and go to places far away, speaking to people and even seeing them. People who are on the other side of the globe! Having all the information that you want on your fingertips. Eating fresh vegetables and fruit in winter in a country which has 6 months of winter…).

Perception makes all the difference!

There is no event, happening, that is perceived in the same way by 2 different people. Growing up as twin, I am sure, that my twin sister didn’t experience life the same way as I did. Which is obvious, because she chose a totally different path than me! And that is for identical twins that lived in the same family at the same time!

A challenge for you – if you’re up for one 😉

Observe how you react to your life, how you feel. Whenever you don’t feel good, you don’t like what you live – see, if you can change your perception. Focus on what you can be grateful for. And then, notice: how do you feel now?!!


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