Nothing is against you -you are infinitely loved!

Doesn’t it sometimes seems like everything goes wrong? There’s some kind of spell on you… Looking at the world these days it’s easy to find “wrongs”.

And, if there is a slight shift inside… everything is fine.

We are infinitely loved and supported…

“But how so?” You may say… Isn’t it a fact, that the Coronavirus has killed many people, that there is racism and prejudices in so many countries, that the economy is going down the drain, that we’re more and more in debt? That nobody knows for sure what is going to happen with the climate changes and the viruses and so on?!!

You’re absolutely right! Nobody knows what is going to happen. And, at the same time, everything is happening anyway!
It’s not YOU that is running the show… if you let this really sink in… does that make you feel freaked out or is there somewhere, something inside that can relax and actually enjoy that you’re not responsible for making this world go round?

And if you allow yourself to go into this direction… of just allowing that things are happening in the right time and that everything is just fine…what happens?
Even if your mind tells you it isn’t. Just to relax, to let go into knowing that this earth has existed for millions, billions of years and has seen so many changes.

The enlightened beings and evolved souls tell us that:

We are infinitely loved and everything is for us, not against us!

In all these years, there is this tiny time slot that human race has been populating this planet. And there has been huge changes in the way humans have lived. Especially in the last 100 years the way we have lived, communicated, worked has changed dramatically!

And even though, humans are still able to find connectedness, love, awareness, beauty, joy!

This joy is even more obvious once you allow yourself the feeling of being loved, of being supported, of the whole UNIVERS wanting YOU to be HERE and NOW!

To feel connected, infinitely loved and supported

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