From checking off “To Do’s” to enjoying Today!

Are you someone that has a lot of « To do’s » on your list? 

Here in Québec, we’re at the point where it is: Back to school, back to work everybody!
This always brings a lot of stress, especially for full time working parents… even though, some of them may be relieved, because finally the kids will be out of the house (with covid, many parents had their children for the last months at home). But still… with the Covid we are still not sure what is to come!

With Covid there may be additional stress and lots of “TO DO’S” and ” I HAVE TO” on your already long list!

In my quest to find out, what my clients need the most, I had interviewed 21 women to see what is stressing them out the most. The result of my research showed me that most of them feel overwhelmed or even almost knocked over by all the things they « should » be doing  or « have to » do.

I also noticed this tendency in my clients speech.  «  I should, I have to » –  almost all of the time. These expressions makes one feel a kind of an obligation, which in turn creates pressure and feels oppressive.

As a law of attraction coach I watch what I’m saying

and I also listen to what my clients are saying, because I know that everything we pronounce carries a certain energy. As well inside of us, as much as toward the outside, the people we get into contact with, the situations we encounter.

So when a particular client talked about « I have to – I should » I immediately stopped her and asked her to feel what these words evoke inside her. She did notice that she sensed oppressed and heavy. I asked her to find another way to express what she said before. A way that would be feeling lighter and more fun.

But when one is so used to this kind of expressing oneself and this kind of feeling and being in this world, it becomes habitual and automatic, and then, it is really not easy to find a new way of saying the same, but lighter!

What we discovered together as a different, « making you feel better variant » on this, was and is: « I choose to », « I desire to », « I want to », « I will » … all these are  feeling much lighter and vibrate in a more joyful way!

Obviously you need to find one word or phrase that really feels congruent with what is there for you at this given moment. You can’t just jump from oppressed to super happy. So, it’s better sometimes to say inside « I choose to » than «  I will », because if you’re not sure that you will, it will again put pressure on you …  so when you say instead «I choose » , then at least you know you’ve chosen it and at a certain moment this will happen.

And maybe you do feel heavy and feel like it’s an obligation, like you have to do this. But then you can think about it. Is it true that « I have to » do this or can « I choose to » do this?

Let me give you an example from “to do’s” to enjoying today

A working mom with her children and partner coming home for dinner can think: «  OMG, I « have to » prepare supper for the whole family. » and feel totally overwhelmed and like a victim of all the things « to do ».

This same mom could think of her family and turn that around: «  I choose to cook for my loved ones, because I want us to eat healthy, delicious food » or:«  I will prepare something easy and good tasting for my family, because I am so lucky to have all the ressources to do so. » or:«  I want to prepare dinner for my kids and partner, because I know it’s better for our budget, so we can have money for vacation and other stuff,  and I like my own food more ».

Then, you feel in charge, it is you who makes the decision to cook, to prepare dinner!

Or whatever it is you choose! Because there could be a thousand different reasons! In addition to that to bring in gratitude is always a great way to lift the heaviness! You cannot be grateful and feeling oppressed, it’s just not possible. And when you think of it, you can be so grateful to have the money and the ressources to have all this food for you and your family!

Just see for yourself: As soon as you change from « have to » to « choose to » you will notice a significant shift inside yourself.
That’s why I invite you to do exactly that right now.

Sujati’s August Ressource :
The Change from « Have to » To «  Choose to » –  from “To Do’s” to enjoying Today

Think about a situation where you feel like you’re obligated, you’re forced to something. And now look at the situation and say to yourself « I choose to… Because… «  And find the reason why actually you want to do this.

It seems like a small things but it’s actually a huge one, one you can constantly apply to your speech and more though in your thinking!!!


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